Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (is it really better?)

For starters, i want you all guys to know that i am not a fan of mascaras. I can do without it, and most of the time i don't bother applying them. I've already gave up on my micro-lashes years ago and just let them be.
I really find it to be a drag applying mascaras, it's so hard to not screw up with this messy messy wands of ink. I always, and i mean always either poke my eyes with it or accidentally swipe to much and end up destroying my finished eye makeup.

Ironically, i have a lot of deluxe and travel-sized mascaras in my vanity, and they just keep on coming. Just like my newest addition, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. So i'll do the honors to try them all out, and review them for you guys so they will be put into good use before they rot in my vanity kit.

According to Too Faced:
Take home our Better Than Sex mascara and all your desires for lush, incredibly intense lashes will be fulfilled. One application of our collagen-fueled formula and touch of our specially shaped brush will leave you begging for more. One coat and lashes are full, defined and stretched to unbelievable lengths. Two coats and they’re reaching unbelievable heights of drama. Three coats and you’ll believe in magic.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MAC Powder Blush in Ambering Rose

I wanted to talk about my first MAC Blush! So this is kinda special. :) I know, i know, so lame that i only have one, YET. Before i was kinda a one-blush-at-a-time girl. Until i was exposed to the magical and colourful blush world.
I normally go for the pink, matte shades. So at the time i purchased this blush, i was in my adventurous-self and decided to stray away from my usual shade picks. I bought this blush together with my NARS Blush in Orgasm (review here). That one is a peachy-pink shade, which i also don't have in my blush collection. If you can call 3 blushes a collection, that is.

The MAC Ambering Rose is part of the SS variant (sheertone shimmer), meaning it has shimmers in it. I don't hate shimmery formula as long as its really fine, otherwise it will emphasize my pores or worse, makes my face look like there have been an oil spill.
Thankfully, the MAC Ambering Rose has really fine shimmers in it. It just gives me a subtle golden glow.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser

Hey guys, sorry for the no post days. Been very busy with family affairs and closing a batch of US Preorders on SumWear Co. Beauty Store.
Do forgive me for neglecting my blogging duties.

Going back to talking about makeups and beauty obsessions, i wanted to talk about a certain skincare product. Specifically a cleanser, the Philosophy Purity Made Simple.

Telling you a few things beforehand, i am really not into skincare that much since i believe i am gifted with clear and most of the time, zit-free face. But mid last year, i decided to give my skin some love in return of being so behaved, in hopes that it will be more flawless thus giving me the purpose to buy a Clarisonic Mia2 (review here.) And because i can be so obsessed with a specific product before i buy one, i researched on a good cleanser to pair my Mia2 with.
Resulting me to get the Philosophy with it. (That was a long intro. Jeeez!)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tips on using your Clarisonic Mia2 - My 6mons. Experience

After a few months of kind-a religiously using my Clarisonic Mia2 Sonic Cleansing System, i am now confident enough to write a review regarding its effect on me for the past few months of use. I don't usually write a review on my first use of a certain thing, i usually test it out a few days or weeks, or like in this case, took me half a year. You can't really tell all good and bad things about it if you just wear it once right? Specially when it comes to skincare, most results show up after a period of time and not instantly like makeups.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel

Sorry for being MIA for a few days, my blog-writing noodles are not working recently. And it's still not working fine right now. Oh well..
  Just to keep me occupied and distracted from that thing that i don't want to think about. Here's a quick post about one of my recent purchase.
The NYX Butter Glosses are the talk of the blogging town lately, and i believe these are just newly released. I spotted it on a NYX Boutique that day, but sadly there is only Apple Strudel available, and another one that didn't make an impression on me, in short i can't remember! I was really hunting the for Peaches and Cream, oh well. (again!)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream in #21

I am really a fan of Korean cosmetics. One, because i think i look like a Korean/Chinese so i assumed that Korean Cosmetics will look great on me (dumb logic eh?). Second, because most of there makeups are cruelty-free and organic, (specially The Face Shop, some of there powders are made with pearls and flower petals, cool!) And the third one, because Korean Cosmetics make the cutest and prettiest packaging for every single item they have.

And one of the ingenious creations of Koreans are their signature BB Creams. In Korean BB means "blemish-balm", but on Western countries it means Beauty Balm.