Friday, January 31, 2014

The Lipstick's Bestfriend: Lipcote

Lipcote is a lipstick sealer that has been in every lipstick lover's mouth for quite a long time already, but because i have just found my love for lipsticks recently. I didn't find a need for it in my vanity.
I keep getting a lot of request from my regular customers to carry this, so when i found the supplier i hoarded stocks! 
I felt the need to test and review this because i know almost three-fourths of our lady crowd loves lipstick, so this just might be what you are looking for.


Claims of this lipstick sealer are music to any lipstick lover's ear!
-The Secret of Lasting Lipstick
-Give your lisptick staying power
-Bristish Beauty Cult Classic
-Recommended by top make up artists and celebrities
-Award winning
-Specially Created for ladies who simply love lipstick!

It's a UK Brand, yes. It came in a nice cardboard box.
VEGAN and is exactly from Charlbury, Oxford, England (if you must know).

The back side is loaded with descriptions on how to apply the right way. And useful tips for ultimately results.

Lip Tips
For ultimate results, apply foundation as a base for lipstick and blot with a tissue. Outline lips with a lip pencil, blot again and powder, then apply lipstick and Lipcote as above.

The Lipcote itself is in a 7ml (P399 in my shop) bottle. The fluid is transparent/clear. It has Vanilla Fragrance when it's already dried up. But smells more like flavored liquor (like Baileys!) when you smell it directly from the bottle.
The consistency is very fluid-like and light. It reminds me of the top coat you apply to finish up your manicure. But it disappears out of sight when it dries up. 
The bottle will last for about 100 applications (as they claim). So for the value, it is really affordable and wallet friendly.


Of course, i tested it out for you girls for proper review.

BEFORE ----------------------------------------------------------------------- AFTER
Again i apologize for the low quality images. It was taken by my iphone's front camera. With bad lighting.
I used my YSL Caress Pink here. Applied my lipstick twice, blotting in between application. Then applied the Lipcote on top and slightly beyond the sides of my lips. And the let it sets.
It dries up still looking glossy but feels like matte when touched.
The first picture was taken around 1:00pm, the second one is when i got home, 8:35pm.
So that's 7.5 hours without retouch!
Please note i went to church, constantly drank water, and ate dinner (pizza, chicken, pasta, iced tea, pastries and talked a lot, if that counts).
7.5 long hours of mouth action it is! :)
There is still a good amount of color and no smudging. And my lipstick didn't transfer at all in my glasses when i drink.
That's really cool.
These YSL Lippie has a creamy satin finish. And without Lipcote, it's normally gone in 3-4hours only.

Also tested it out with Matte Finishes and it works way better with Matte Lipsticks!
I''m not sure how, but somehow, the matte lipstick with lipcote did not dry up my lips! Looks like this is the answer for girls who has a love-hate relationship to MAC Matte lipstick (like me!).
And the staying power is incredible! The color really stayed put and did not go anywhere.

Quick Note: I was informed by one of my customers that she had a problem with Lustre finishes. When applied it becomes a little sticky and does not set.

-Price! (Very affordable)
-Dries up quickly
-Really works! (gives your lipstick incredible staying power)
-Versatile, can work with any lipstick shades and finishes
-Travel-friendly size
-Bottle will last 100 applications

-Tingling sensation (goes away in seconds)

-YES! If i manage to use my first bottle up. This is a must-have!

So have you tried one yet? Other similar products you know?

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  1. I never thought a product like this exists! Thanks for the review! And glad you found the supplier for your shop! :)

    1. Yes, i also just recently found this out from my customers. :) Thank you!

  2. I have this since last year pa now I remember I haven't reviewed it yet -____- I agree, it stings when applied. Thanks for reminding me I have to review mine :D 7.5 hours, that's so long!

    1. Yes review please, i would like to know how it works for you. :)
      It stings and feels like ice on the lips, then will go away in seconds when it dries up. So far, been testing it with lots of different lipsticks. :)

  3. Tempted, buuuuuut. I don't want to add another step to my already one-hour daily routine hahaha.

    1. Haha! Actually i thought of you when i tried this. Since you love matte lippies because it stays longer. :)

  4. Hi Fred! :) I'm glad you liked your Lipcote, despite that tingling effect! Gosh, di ko keri un! Haha! I also have mine kaso di ko pa masyado nagagamit. :( Thanks for reminding me, though! Need to use mine na. Haha

    1. Haha, actually nagising nga ako sa tingling effect! It was cold and stings a little but that did not bother me much. :) Try it again, this time maybe you can tolerate. Thank you for reading!

  5. Cool, this could come in handy! Thanks for sharing!! :)
    I have you on my blog roll now on Google Friend Connect. More power to you and your blog! :)

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic
    Click here to join my Valentine's Day blog giveaway!! <3

    1. Thanks for dropping by! :) Checking your blog now and follow you! :)

  6. Woah! This one's amazing. :D Lipsticks are my favorite makeup, so I think this one's a must-have for me!

    1. Yes! If you love lipsticks this is a must-have! Specially if you love mattes, these can even further prolong the staying power of your matte lipstick. :) And a good fix for the satin finish lipsticks. :)

  7. love matte lipsticks from mac too! did it make the matte shades a little bit glossy after application? :) btw fred do you have a separate review on your YSL caress pink?
    PS: thank you thank you for including me on your blog roll :3 i was so happy when i read your reply this morning! ^^

    1. Hi Shayne! :) I love your blog! So it should really be in my Favorites!
      It stayed matte even with Lipcote. :) I do have a separate review of my YSL, just a few post back.

  8. I have wanted to get one for aaages, but I always forget :D I didn't know there was a gold version though, I only know the red one :D

    1. This is the new packaging with Vanilla Fragrance. :) Get one na!

  9. Wow great product! perfect for special occasions :)

  10. Yes, it really is. Was using it yesterday for an event. :) Again with the YSL, i got compliments, and they we're all asking if i was using a matte lippie because it was not at all budging!


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