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Actually this palette has been with me since 3rd quarter last year, i cannot even remember when i exactly got this. I was then at war with myself if i was gonna get the UD Naked2 or this one. But after researching thru other bloggers' reviews and vlogs, i decided to go with this palette. Since i think i can make more looks with the shade variation than the UD Naked2. But i'm not saying this one's better, i just prefer the shades more than the UD Naked2.

P.S. I vowed to keep myself from blabbering and just stick to a clean, short review. So help me God.


Sorry for the dirty box.


Some dets.

It came in with a deluxe sample of Lorac Behind The Scene Eye Primer (0.19oz/5.5g). The packaging of the eyeshadows itself is made of a black cardboard box (i think) in matte. Mine's a little dirty from use. It's very thin, like half the thickness of your average notebook, making it very travel friendly.

It opens up completely. Has an average-sized mirror inside. I don't really use the mirrors in my eyeshadows so i didn't even took off the plastic protector in it. It just feels too small for my liking. (blabbering now!)


It contains 16 shades. Upper 8 shades are in Matte & lower 8 shades are Shimmery. Quite good for the price you paid for ($42). I won't describe each and each shadows, as their name itself talks for them.

First Half:
Mattes (L-R): White, Cream, Taupe & Light Pink
Shimmer (L-R): Nude, Champagne, Gold & Light Bronze

Second Half:
Mattes (L-R): Mauve, Sable, Espresso & Black
Shimmer (L-R): Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple & Slate


First Half:
Mattes (L-R): White, Cream, Taupe & Light Pink
Shimmer (L-R): Nude, Champagne, Gold & Light Bronze
I'm having a hard time making White, Cream & Light Pink to show up because i think my skin is too fair. I applied a couple of more, and that made it look chalky.
While the Shimmers are very nice, and the glitters are very fine, not chunky at all.

Second Half:
Mattes (L-R): Mauve, Sable, Espresso & Black
Shimmer (L-R): Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple & Slate
The second half consist of darker shades, and they are all very pigmented. As you can see, the glitters are so fine it doesn't even show up in the swatches! And i really prefer it that way.

Promise i'll do better with swatches next time!


I though you might be interested about the primer too so i included a mini-review.

L- Swatched | R- Blended 
Slate vs. Slate with Primer

I had a hard time swatching Slate, it has a slight bluish-metal tone but it doesn't appear when swatched alone. So i tried it with the primer. And voila! It came out more pigmented and the color showed up more! So i give this primer a thumbs up.

My Verdict:
-Thin and light, very travel-friendly
-Almost all shadows are HIGHLY pigmented
-Shimmery shades have very fine glitters
-Easy to blend
-Has light & dark shades (Good Variation of colors)
-Comes with a free eye primer
-Slightly more affordable than the competitor palette Urban Decay. ($42 vs. $52)
-Favorite Shades: Taupe, Mauve, Sable | Champagne, Gold, Pewter, Garnet

-Packaging is matte and tends to collect fingerprints & dust all over
-Doesn't come with a free brush
-Small mirror

-YES! But this palette has been recently pulled out of Sephora and other sites. Hope they won't discontinue this. This is my favorite Palette! 

Have one too? Do you love it as much as i do? Please do share!

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  1. And my review of this palette has been sitting in my Drafts for about 2 weeks! Naunahan mo naman ako. Hahaha. Lagi akong kinukulang sa oras to take a photo of myself using this palette. Anyway, I supeeeeeeer love this! And since I have the UD Naked 2, I would go out on a limb and say that yes, this is a lot better than Naked 2 :))

    1. Hihi! Do you have a review for UD Naked2? I wanna see, i wanna see! :) Post your Lorac Pro review na! I bet yours will still be better. :)

  2. hehe its ok! you are not alone in having such a dirty eye shadow palette. i pretty much us UD naked 1 palette everyday. it has a felt packaging, and it looks worse than your lorac palette :P im thinking of getting this one day but i feel like having the UD palettes and this could be redundant?

    1. They look similar, but definitely not a like! :) Im sure you won't go wrong with the Lorac Pro, plus its more affordable than the UD Naked. :)

  3. Waaah didn't know if my comment went through :| Anyway, I was actually thinking of getting this too as I have two reliable friends who like this better than UD Naked 1 :D

    1. Get it! :) It's my everyday-to-go palette! I always bring it with me, specially when i travel.

  4. Oh nose!!! :( I hope they won't discontinue this. I've been looking for this palette for ages, but it's always out of stock at Sephora! Do you have this in your online shop pa?

    xx Dianne

    1. I think they are pulling out stocks from Sephora, Nordstrom, etc. But i can get some more from other retailers. :)
      Im already following your blog Dianne. Thanks for the visit!


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