Monday, January 27, 2014

First Beauty Box ~ Special Edition Snoe Glamourbox

Just so you guys know, this is my first every Beauty Box. One fateful night last week, i was thinking if i should try subscribing to some local beauty boxes, just for fun and experience. But since i have a lot of US samples and deluxe products i get for free from my shop's imports, i told myself: "Ok Fred, we are getting one. But just one ok, just to know what it feels like expecting a box you don't know what's inside."
I'm kinda a control-freak, and i have this fear that i might just get disappointed on the stuffs i'm going to get when the box arrives. But heck, if ever i didn't like the items in it, i can raffle it away or just give it as a freebie to my loyal shop customers.
So yeah, i subscribed 1month each for BDJ & Glamourbox. And after just 3 days of not-even waiting, i got my Glamourbox! Yey!

So here is the step-by-step unboxing of my first ever Beauty Box:

This box came in IN another box.

What's inside!

Snoe, snoe, snoe, snoe SNOE EVERYWHERE! 
I already paid for my Glamourbox when i found out they where sending out boxes that Friday, and it was a Special Edition Snoe Glamourbox! And i was like "Oh men, too bad i didn't subscribed in time to get the Snoe Box. I've always wanted to try this brand specially the skincares since Victoria of Makeup Et'cetera always raves about how nice they were."
But i think i have a 4-leaf clover in my pocket cause i got an e-mail notifying i'll be getting a Snoe Box after all, i paid just in time baby!
And i didn't have to wait for weeks to get one. Just 3 days man! I'm i lucky or am i lucky?!?
So i can call the P599 i paid for this box quits. Since it already made me happy.


Snoe White No.4 Lightening Licorice Beauty Bar & Snoe White No.7 Organic Papaya Beauty Bar

I got 2 Snoe White Beauty Bar, a Licorice & a Papaya one.
I am really not that particular in my bath stuff except for my hair things. So i can definitely try this out, right in time since my TLS Premium is already the size of a Maxx candy.
Both claims it can whiten, exfoliate, brightens skin.
Maybe i'll do i review about these soaps if they deserve to be reviewed. But if not, meh. How do you even review a soap after-all?
(Sorry if i don't have much interest in beauty soaps. :p)

Snoe  Cosmetics Poudre Extraordinaire Face Powder
This it says is a loose finishing skincare powder with medium coverage formula. It's infused with Acai Berry and it's in mineral form. Claims to protect skin from free radicals, tightens and smoothens fine lines yet totally blends naturally into the skin. 
I might just try this out, haven't tried an "organic" finishing powder just yet.
Though i'm not sure if a powder can really protect your skin from free radicals.
This powder comes in Vanilla Creme, Perfect Beige & Warm Honey. I guess i got the Vanilla one, im not sure. It doesn't have a label for the variant or i'm just not seeing it. My nose says it's in Vanilla.

Snoe Bedside Besobalm Deep Moisturizing Lip Treatment in Pink Pucker
I love lip balms! So i was really glad to see this little lady inside. Something i can really use! I have really really cracked, chapped, El Nino-battered lips, so a lip balm is a must-have for me.
They call this a bedside lip balm, it has a minty smell and white balm inside, so i am a little confused with the Pink Pucker description.
Back to the point, i always swipe lip balm before going to bed, so i will definitely use this really soon! :)

Snoe Fizzy Clean Foaming Hand Sanitizer
Another item that confused me, is this Hand Sanitizer, i kept looking for the Fizzy Clean labeled item in the box, glad i thought about turning the bottle and found out it was this one, labeled as Sky Mist.
Again, i am not a fan of sanitizers. But i can throw this inside the car just in case i'll be needing it. It's a little big for a bag sanitizer so i won't be carrying it inside my bag.
I'm also not sure how to use it, should i rinse after? Since this is a foaming sanitizer, or should i let it dry and leave on since its a sanitizer? Whatever!
The consistency is not like your average gel-like sanitizer, it's more of an alcohol-like, in short, very fluid/liquid when inside the bottle.

NOTE: I tried it already, it comes out in foam form. And leaves a sticky residue. Smells like a man's cologne. Why!?!

Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Whipped Body Frosting Lotion in Strawberry Smoothie
I love the color of this lotion, i just hope it doesn't stain clothes.
Swatched it already, and it's really hydrating! It disappeared within seconds on my skin. Plus it's not greasy at all! What i don't like about this lotion is the smell, it smells like candy! I don't like candy-scented things. So maybe i'll use this at night before going to bed, not when i'm going out, as it may interfere with my perfume.
But the hydration it gives is great!

Snoe Hair Heroes Agent Zero Cleansing Serum
This is a serum cleanser that is with zero fragrance, sulfates & silicones. So in short, no irritants. Great for SENSITIVE skins & scalps. What's amazing with this cleanser is you can use it for your hair and for the whole body!
I won't be using it with my hair, but i would definitely give it a try as a body wash.

Snoe Glamourbox Contents in all it's glamour.

So far, i am not disappointed with what i got. The box really contains a lot of stuff. It has something for your head to your foot!
Saying i got all my items in fullsizes the box is worth P2353. So i got 3x worth the P595 i paid for.
Although i'm pretty sure the Poudre Extraordinaire is in sample size only, cause if it's not, it's definitely too expensive for P799.
So the first encounter (and hopefully my last one) with Glamourbox is impressive, very impressive i might say.
I love the packaging, it's colorful and fun! It's nice that a local company like Snoe is stepping up it's game to level up with International Brands. It's a really promising company!
I'm not sure if Snoe is a vegan company, but it uses a lot of organic ingredients, but still the prices of there skincare items are very affordable.
On the other hand, checked there website and i think there cosmetic line is a tad more expensive than other local brands. I'm not sure how i would feel about this, but i just wish they'd lower the prices so more girls will be encouraged to try there cosmetics.
As for me, for now i'm only interested in there skincare line.

If you are interested in Snoe's website it's here.
If you want to subscribe to a Glamourbox their site is here.

So am i getting another Glamourbox? Maybe.. :)

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  1. The only thing that I do like about this box is the Poudre Extraordinaire. I have been eyeing that for weeks but since I am on a makeup ban, I can't purchase it just yet. Haha. I am curious about the lotion though. Hmmm, might check it out on my next visit to Snoe :)) Bumili ka na ng skin care products nila! I already posted my skin care items hehe :p

    1. I have lots of finishing/setting powder pa. So i might not open it pa. UPDATE on the lotion, applied it all over after i took a bath just now. When i look at my palms, eeeekkk! It made my palms PINK! :( Stay away from the colored lotions or suffer discolored hands. LOL!
      So far i'm not getting impressed with the quality of Snoe, based on the items i got. I hope the lip balm make me change my mind. :|

  2. GURL! Hair Heroes is the must-try here. Everyone I know that's used Hair Heroes has super-fab hair after. I just got my box, too. I liked it naman, though I am pretty biased for Snoe to begin with, teehee! :P

    1. Hey Tellie! I don't use any other shampoo & conditioner to my hair, since i'm maintaining a treatment, it made my hair so manageable and soft and it came in with it's own shampoo & conditioners. So i'm going to empty them first before trying something else. I'll try this as soon as i ran out.
      Hihi, sorry for the noob comments, it's Snoe and I's first meeting. So what i stated was purely first impressions.
      Thank you for informing me with the Hair Heroes! :)

  3. I don't have any of the items inside the box, but I smelled the lotion and I liked it. Yun lang, it is pale violet (Passion Fruit), baka naman maging pale violet din hands ko. hehe. :D I love their Hair Heroes Argan Oil. It makes my hair so smooth. :)

    1. This ones the Strawberry-scented. I don't like the smell of this. :( Just a personal preference. And yes, it really made my palms pink! Haha!
      I'll try the Hair Heroes soon, since Tellie & you are vouching for it! Hihi.

  4. Wow, that's great savings right there especially if one is really curious and interested to try SNOE products (like me). But ughh, must resist temptation! :(

    1. Hi hazel! :) Try there line, specially if you are into Skincare products. I've read a lot of good things! So far, i'm loving the Body Rituals Whipped Lotion. And they are not that expensive too.

  5. glamour box was also the first beauty box i subscribe too, it wasnt as sulit as this one :D btw fred are you importing the new viva glam lipstick and lip glass by rhianna? :)

    1. Hi Shayne! :) Yes I am. MAC Viva Glam Rihanna is kinda hot right now. :D

  6. This box is nice! The Hair Heroes alone costs even more expensive than the price of the box. :D

    But then, I wished there were more makeup in it! Snoe's makeup products are so interesting (but kinda pricey). :)

    1. Still haven't tried the Hair Heroes, after trying the Snoe Licorice Soap, i'm afraid to try anything else from this box. :( I had bad allergies because of the soap. I was itchy all over and made my skin super dry. :(


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