Sunday, December 29, 2013

The best brow pencil I've ever had: Anastasia Beverly Hills (Medium-Ash)

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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hallelujah! Finally found the BEST (so far) Eyebrow Pencil that works great on my brows and takes just a few minutes to apply! Since i started applying eyebrows, around 2 years ago, I've been introduce to a drugstore brow powder brand, so ever since I've been a user of brow powder. Seeing some of my friends going overboard on using a brow pencil, they look liked 'drawn' and very much 'unnatural' for at least my preference. Scary actually. Bought a few more eyebrow powder on different brands like my recent purchase, Sigma Brow Powder Duo in Auburn. It's nice nonetheless, but i feel that applying it takes a LOT of time and effort. For a mom of a cute little girl like me, i need to do my makeup fast, since I prepare lotsa stuffs when we go out. So it will be very very convenient if i can get my eyebrows done in just a matter of minutes, rather than taking 48 years (joke!) making them look good and natural. Plus the need of having a brow brush at all times to apply a powder is another hassle, specially when you are travelling. Not that it's heavy, but you know what i mean. It can be a big help if you can just bring one tool for your brows.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Clarisonic Mia2 Sephora Sweet15 Limited Edition - First Impression

Clarisonic Mia2 Sephora Sweet15 Edition (Photo from
As promised and because i want to! Hihi! :D I'm doing an unboxing and first impression on my first use of this Uber-Hyped Device!
First of all, let's talk about what is Clarisonic Mia & Mia2 Cleansing System. The  Clarisonic is promoting there Sonic Cleansing System.

Sonic Cleansing Benefits:

  • Removes makeup 6X better than manual cleansing
  • Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
  • Removes impurities that keep creams and serums from working their best
  • Gentle enough to use twice a day
  • Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • Minimizes the appearance of visible pores

Friday, September 6, 2013

Unboxing: Sigma Brow Kit Value Set (Auburn)

Quick Take: Also from my old blog. REPOSTED! :)

Sigma Brow Kit Value Set – Auburn

Hi Ladies!

I’m about to post my first product unboxing, and i’m a bit nervous! ( Chos!) I’m really excited to open this product since recently i’m really crushing on amazingly defined eyebrows! As we all know, our brows define and frames our faces. And those little streaks of hair does a lot of drama on our daily makeup look. I remembered, when i was in college, i never liked putting on brow makeups since i think i’ll look more mature and ‘mataray’. But growing up, means learning to put on brows like every grown-ups do. Suddenly, i looked in the mirror and see my face without brows look a little alien-ish. (Hihi. If there is such a word!)

So let’s keep my big mouth and stories and do this unboxing!

Actually, this was first a Product Review post, but while doing it, i realised i need to make swatches, etc. etc. And it’ll be all too long. So i decided to do an unboxing thing first!

This Sigma Brow Kit Value Set has it all! To provide you a decent looking brow everyday and every occasion!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fake VS Real: Missha Perfect Cover SPF42+++ BB Cream

QUICK TAKE: This is a REPOST from my old blog. Just reposting it here so it doesn't go to waste. :)

As my first blog post on my previous website, this was deleted when i transferred my site to another platform. So I’m reposting it again, since some are requesting i post it back. And there are only a few post regarding fake Missha’s out there but a lot of fake bottles fast spreading the Philippine Market, specially online. Even in Amazon and Ebay. So here it is! As per request. :)


FAKE = Slightly taller, Color is redder, bloated with air (since it is not sealed, air
can freely get inside.)
REAL = Shorter, Color is more maroon like, flat and no air inside. So it’s basically
pure formula.