Friday, September 6, 2013

Unboxing: Sigma Brow Kit Value Set (Auburn)

Quick Take: Also from my old blog. REPOSTED! :)

Sigma Brow Kit Value Set – Auburn

Hi Ladies!

I’m about to post my first product unboxing, and i’m a bit nervous! ( Chos!) I’m really excited to open this product since recently i’m really crushing on amazingly defined eyebrows! As we all know, our brows define and frames our faces. And those little streaks of hair does a lot of drama on our daily makeup look. I remembered, when i was in college, i never liked putting on brow makeups since i think i’ll look more mature and ‘mataray’. But growing up, means learning to put on brows like every grown-ups do. Suddenly, i looked in the mirror and see my face without brows look a little alien-ish. (Hihi. If there is such a word!)

So let’s keep my big mouth and stories and do this unboxing!

Actually, this was first a Product Review post, but while doing it, i realised i need to make swatches, etc. etc. And it’ll be all too long. So i decided to do an unboxing thing first!

This Sigma Brow Kit Value Set has it all! To provide you a decent looking brow everyday and every occasion!

It’s in the ‘new’ Sigma Packaging! Paper Envelope.

Auburn is the shade i got, since the other shades seems too light for my hair color. ;)

The packing is ok, made of paper. I was expecting something more durable to keep the contents together, something you can really use as a case, either for storage or travel.


What’s inside.

Closer look!

It’s a 5-piece set. Contents are as follows:
-Dual-Ended Highlighting Pencil
-Dual-Ended Brow Pencil
-Brow Powder (Auburn)
-E80 Brow & Lash Brush
-E75 Angled Brow Brush


Closer look of the packaging of the Brow Powder.

I tried my best to get the proper lighting to show you guys the Auburn shade.

Closer look for the Brow Pencil.

Closer look for the Highlighting Pencil.

They are more chubbier than regular-sized pencil liners. And being dual-ended is a big plus. Like two products in one!

Closer look! Must haves for a perfect brow! :)

The E80 & E75, both Sigma Bestsellers!


Final Thoughts:
This is definitely a good buy in terms of price! You see, if you purchase these individually it’ll cost around not more than P3900. But if you purchase this as set it only costs P2300! That’s almost P1600 worth of savings! :)
They are sporting redesigned packaging too, it’s nice. Black and white is always classic! But it can be better. I hope they put on more colours, are if not, might as well change the font for a prettier one.
Also, it wont hurt if they’ve thrown in a Dual-Ended Brow Gel to complete the set right? :)

UPDATE: Set is already SOLD-OUT, but you can purchase it INDIVIDUALLY!

Thank you for your time in checking my post out! Feel free to comment below!

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