Thursday, April 3, 2014

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer - 01 Light

I believe this is a delayed post. I just hit pan on this one and i think it deserves to be reviewed before we say our goodbyes to each other. A permanent goodbye, i must say.
When i diagnosed myself that i have catch the 'makeup-hoarder virus', this was one of the purchases i made on my first ever haul.

I got the shade 01 which is the lightest, at first i was pissed cause i think i've gotten the wrong shade, too light for my skin! It looks ghastly when i use it, you know the people in pictures with flash that has the white cast under there eyes, like it shouts: "hey i'm wearing a concealer today!" That's how it looks on me. Sucks.

But i don't know why, after a few months i think my skin lightened, or maybe i just learned to blend it well. Suddenly it was the perfect shade! Good thing i didn't gave it away or threw it out in the lowest part of my drawers.

The formula was a little creamy but a bit drying. It can be streaky when not blended well. I find it easier to blend with my fingers, or maybe haven't found the right concealer brush yet. It doesn't cover well when i apply it with a Beautyblender. My under eye area is normally a little dry, so i need to moisturise first before applying or else it will be more streaky.

It's very easy to blend but i'm not satisfied with how it covers flaws. I have tried other concealers who does better than this one. It somewhat becomes translucent when blended too much, and still shows under-eye circles. Same with blemishes and pimple scars. It also doesn't sets too well in my skin and can transfer with the slightest touch, so you definitely need to set with a loose powder after.
I was expecting a bit more from this concealer when i bought this, cause it was labeled as industrial strength. I was thinking about the scary looking big fans with blades of steel but definitely produces strong winds which is labeled the same "industrial" use. So i was expecting better coverage than regular concealer. Was it just a marketing foolery?

To add insult to the injury, it has so little product in the pan. And the staying power specially on spots where i have blemishes is around 3-4hours only! Specially when i accidentally touch the spot. That is with setting powder applied. And on the under eye part, it creases terribly before it disappears to the depths of nothing.
 The only thing i liked in it is the pan container. It is really easy to get the product out since it has a screw cover, and you can swatch freely on the product, although i admit that packaging like this is quite unhygienic. Either than that, sorry to say, the formula was a total waste.

I was totally disappointed with this one since i read a lot of reviews from other blogger from it. Well, maybe some products don't really work with everyone. I've used this one for half a year, on and off. Cause i felt i was the one at fault, i might not be using it properly. But i've hands-up, give up on this product.

-The pan.
-Light-weight formula

-Formula was drying and streaky
-Expensive for such little product
-Doesn't really provide coverage
-Doesn't set properly
-Transfers everywhere
-Wears off after 3hours max

REPURCHASE: I think you already know the answer! Haha! NO! NO! & NO! I'm really quite happy i've even managed to hit pan on this one before i found other concealers to try. Actually, i've bought 2 as replacement for this already. That is how happy i am to replace it. Jeez.

Do you have this concealer? How did it work for you? Am i the only one who experience this?
And do you have recommendations for a good concealer? I'm still on the hunt? Please help me out! :)

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