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Name: Fred Gervacio
Age: 25 years in the world

I have my own Makeup & Beauty Store! I like makeups, (obviously!) Chocolates, pastries, coffees and milk teas. This blog will be all about my rumbling and rants, and adoration and praise about all the things i hate and love! Not just about makeups, but all other things and places i find beautiful.
And also as a beauty bible for the reference of my clients and anyone who needs it.

Dreaming of having my own Physical Store one day where i can give free makeovers for my Loyal Clients and Friends and Family. Love to try out new brands and things.


All items reviewed & posted here are bought & purchased by the blogger, unless stated otherwise.
The opinion and points of view of the blogger is based on personal experience and not influenced by any entities, whatsoever.
The blogger is not a Professional Makeup Artist, but just an obsessive Makeup Junkie & Enthusiast.
Photos, Videos & other medias are property of the blogger (unless stated otherwise), and shall not be taken & claimed without proper authorization of the owner.
Though you can SHARE it as long as the blogger is given credits as the owner of the said media/article.


  1. I am not sure if I have been your follower for sometime, but great to find out your blog! I am just a makeup enthusiast too. Hope to see more of your posts! :-)

    1. This is a new blog, i've had a previous one with the same name but on a diff host. Thank you for following and it love reading your posts too! More post too come! I promise. :)


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