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Fake VS Real: Missha Perfect Cover SPF42+++ BB Cream

QUICK TAKE: This is a REPOST from my old blog. Just reposting it here so it doesn't go to waste. :)

As my first blog post on my previous website, this was deleted when i transferred my site to another platform. So I’m reposting it again, since some are requesting i post it back. And there are only a few post regarding fake Missha’s out there but a lot of fake bottles fast spreading the Philippine Market, specially online. Even in Amazon and Ebay. So here it is! As per request. :)


FAKE = Slightly taller, Color is redder, bloated with air (since it is not sealed, air
can freely get inside.)
REAL = Shorter, Color is more maroon like, flat and no air inside. So it’s basically
pure formula.

FAKE = MISSPELLED WORDS! Sure sign of FAKE-ness!
Perfect is pertect
Lightens is hightens
Excellent is exeellent          
Ability is abiliby
Effective is eftective 
FAKE = – Dermatologist Tested -
REAL = – Dermatologist tested for skin safety 

FAKE = Missing the Global Missha Logo and some Korean Character Stuffs
REAL = Encircle is the part that was missing in the Fake Box.

FAKE = Slightly Taller

FAKE = Pump head is gold and rounder, the pump is longer. Looks cheap.
REAL = Both the pump head and pump is duller in color. But looks more sturdy.

FAKE = Pump spout is round, studs on the bottom is oval in shape.
REAL = Pump spout is a long oval, studs on the bottom is round.
FAKE = Black Strip on a 50ml bottle is a sign that it’s fake. Some Korean Characters are missing.
REAL = White strip should be visible on 50ml bottles, Black Strip should be on 20ml tubes.
FAKE = The recycled sign has the english word “OTHER” inside. And some korean words below.
REAL = Everything is on Korean, except the the Other word below the recycle logo.

FAKE = It just looks like a lotion that they’ve putted a little color in. Too white and pale to cover blemishes.
REAL = Has a darker color, thick in texture. And stays put.

FAKE = The color doesn’t match my skin, its too late. My shade is #21, so it should match, but it came out looking like
a lotion. Ugh!
REAL = The real Missha as you can see, matches my skin color.

FAKE = No coverage at all! Just made my skin oily, and patches of white. It didn’t blend well too.
REAL = It instantly made my skin lighter and provided enough coverage to cover even my little hairs, hihi. It also made
skin glow and look healthier. :D

FAKE = After 15mins. it disappeared! Hahaha! Looks like it really was just lotion!
REAL = After 15mins. its settled in, it became a little made and looked more natural, but a little dewy too. Just like other
Korean BBs. Koreans love the dewy look! :D
This is a FAKE Bottle! REMEMBER: Missha Perfect Cover SPF42+++ BB Creams’ PUMP HEADS CANNOT BE DETACHED or SCREWED OFF! If you have a Missha and you can unscrew the pump head, SORRY but you definitely have a FAKE ONE!
LASTLY: Authentic Missha Perfect Cover SPF42+++ has Johnson & Johnson like powder scent!

FINAL THOUGHTS:I hope this review on how to tell a fake over a real Missha helps you buy with confidence before you purchase one. If you want to buy a Missha and want to be sure you’ll be getting the real deal, then buy at Missha Outlets! The Missha Perfect Cover i bought was from Missha Stall in SM Megamall, inside Cinderella. It costs about P1600. Though you can buy on some Online Shops as well in a much cheaper price. Around P950 – P1200, just make sure you buy from Trusted Sellers! Some sellers, sell FAKE Misshas and claims they are Authentic, some sellers don’t even know they are selling fakes! One more sure sign that an item is fake when it costs too low! Like around P600 below, its definitely fake! Remember: You get what you pay for!

So please be wary and cautious! Be knowledgeable about the product you are going to purchase, specially when it costs more than 1000 bucks! It wouldn’t hurt to read product reviews online, not just to avoid fakes but to also find out if a certain product really fits what you are looking for. AVOID IMPULSE BUYING!

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! Stay pretty!

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  1. Thank you so much, for this post <3 I just found out, that mine is fake. Definitely, I am going to kill the seller :)


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