Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Ultimate Gold Lipstick - YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant #9


I cannot explain how thrilled i am to see the box of Sephora which i know contains this little pretty lipstick!
I have come across YSL Lipstick every month, on every package i import from the US, since my clients are regular users and some, collectors of this gorge lipstick. So i'm quite familiar with the feel and the smell, since i quality check each and every lipstick before sending them out.
So i told myself, why not give it a try? After all, i've been meaning to buy a new lipstick either than my usual MAC tubes.
So when another regular customer ordered one, i ordered my first one along with her order. 
I was really debating with myself between #9 Caress Pink or #29 Opera Rose.
But because i am a sucker for pink nude lippies, i opted for the #9 Caress Pink which is described as muted raspberry pink.
The other one is too pink for my taste.


So far, all YSL Lipsticks i have laid my hands on comes with a classic gold box like this. How glamorous can a lipstick introduce herself, nothing like a sparkly gold box to attract wide-eyed makeup lovers who loves sparkly things. Don't you?

The lipstick itself is wrapped in gold metal tube, same as the cap.
I am just in awe taking pictures of this gorgeous lipstick! Feels like i'm a photographer in a shoot with a Victoria Secret Angel!

Im in total lack of words, i'll leave it to you to look and see how pretty the packaging is.

But wait till you feel it in your hands! I like how it is slightly heavier than a regular lipstick, it compliments the metal case it's in. Feels really solid and very expensive. Which it is, its for $34, while other brands are just from $15-$21 each.
And mostly when i pick it up, i feel the case is cold because it's made of metal.

This lipstick can definitely rock a picture! I mean you can take a picture of yourself while holding this, like you are about to swatch it in your lips and it will instantly turn to an elegant picture! Like magic!
(I wonder why i didn't do that.)
Sorry for the weirdness.. Eeek! 


The color for me is like a muted plum color, which i am a fan of. And most of my lippies are of around this shade. The finish is Satin, and it really lives on its description: it's very creamy but turns fluid-like when it touches your lips! It really feels very liquid-y when you apply, thus making it super easy to apply!
This is the best lipstick i've tried so far when it comes to application.
Because it's really fluid-like, it can easily transfer. But in a few minutes once it sets in, it will most likely less transfer.
And also added plus to this lipstick is that is glossy, but not too much like you just ate something greasy.
It just has the right amount of gloss. So it wont dry your lips.

As for the staying power, i haven't had the chance to wear it out, cause after a few minutes i did my makeup last night, i wiped it off because it was sleeping time. Boo!
But i'll update this post as soon as i test it out when i go partying, just kidding. I don't go to clubbing much. Coz i'm lame!

You can definitely wear this color for special occasions, night-outs, for office or even casually. It's a versatile shade. And will absolutely pop-up when you are wearing neutral eyeshadows.
But this is definitely not a nude lipstick.

I'm not sure if this will look good on all skin tone. Maybe for Fair-Med.
But then again, i'm not an expert so please feel free to try at your own risk, and better if you can get a good swatch in stores so you can see how it'll compliments you skin color.

And i almost forgot to mention that i love the subtle fruity scent it have. And i think it's there signature scent. It's not too much and wont bother you. But i love it, sometimes i just grab my lippie just to take a sniff. (Getting weirder!)


So i made my whole face last night just for this lippie, and just cause ya know! All girls love to get dolled up.
Sorry for the photo quality, it's a front camera of my iphone. I'm about to dig in our storage room for my lost tripod and i can't get someone to take my picture, sucks.
So far, i see myself wearing this when i go out at night or a romantic date with my fiancé.
It is another good addition to my growing collection of lip products, cause it doesn't match any colors i have in my kit.
Get one if budget agrees, this is one expensive lippie. I feel it's a bit overpriced. But the thing that stands out with YSL Lipsticks is the ease of application & definitely the luxurious packaging. So if you are willing to splurge a little for those said traits, go and get one!

UPDATE: Staying power is not that good, last around 3-4hours with all the mouth action(food, drinks & etc.)

Want one? You can pre-order on my website:


  1. O, perfect ang lips! It's just too bad that I feel like I can never pull off pink shades. Hahaha. Looks good on you, though! <3

    1. Thanks Becs! Try pink nudes, everyone looks good with it. But i'm sure you already know that. Hihi. :)
      I have full lips that i hated since childhood, until i discovered lipsticks! Haha!

  2. my goodness its so beautiful on you! really really pretty color, and the packaging is divine. i havent tried these yet but im thinking of maybe getting one soon, the only thing stopping me is cause ive heard that it doesnt last very long. pls update me on how long it lasts on you :) im also choosing between caress pink and opera rose, or perhaps ill wait for the new shades that they are releasing this 2014

    1. Thank you for dropping by and following me Shayne! So happy you can spare time for my blog. :)
      Yes, get one too. I will definitely update you when i wear it when i go out a few times. So i can give you an accurate answer.
      Oh, and are they releasing new shades? That's one thing to look forward for! :)

  3. btw do you own a store that ships these in the PH?

    1. Yes, i actually import them myself. :) We get them for preorders.
      Follow my shop on IG if you have time: @sumwearco.
      Thank you Shayne!

  4. Sana I can buy some of these YSL in the future. Haha. :-) You look very pretty with that ha! :-)

    1. Yes, go get some! It would be a great addition on your collection. :) And you'll def love the packaging!

  5. Ohhhh I really wanna get this, even just one :D I really get thrilled while slowly browsing the photos. The packaging is so pretty and the shade looks perfect on you! <3 Btw, thanks for dropping by on my blog! I'm so happy to find yours. Seems like I'm going to have a new entry on my favorite blogs list :) Followed you on bloglovin too since I'm not in blogspot so I can see your updates there. Have a great day! Would like to see more posts :)

    1. Oh! That's so sweet of you! Yes get one! And yeah, it was orgasms in every photo! (what did i say..?)
      I'm so happy to find yours too! Followed you in Bloglovin' too! So nice to find new people who shares the same love for makeups! Thank you, thank you! And more post from you too please! :)

  6. The packaging is love! :D The pink shade looks so pretty on you too! Someday, YSL, someday! :)

    1. Thank you for dropping by pretty Helen! :)
      You should definitely get one! I'm sure you'll find a shade you'll love!

  7. I wanted to try out YSL lipsticks but I heard it tends to "melt" in the Philippine weather. Is this true? Hehe.


    1. Thanks for dropping by Dianne!
      Go try it out. Maybe when put in direct sunlight or left in a car under the sun and the lippie is upside down it can melt out of the tube. But as long as you keep it standing up, it wont since the lippie is cradled by the tube itself.
      The consistency is very creamy, but then again YSL lippies are purposely made that way. :)


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