Sunday, March 16, 2014

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser

Hey guys, sorry for the no post days. Been very busy with family affairs and closing a batch of US Preorders on SumWear Co. Beauty Store.
Do forgive me for neglecting my blogging duties.

Going back to talking about makeups and beauty obsessions, i wanted to talk about a certain skincare product. Specifically a cleanser, the Philosophy Purity Made Simple.

Telling you a few things beforehand, i am really not into skincare that much since i believe i am gifted with clear and most of the time, zit-free face. But mid last year, i decided to give my skin some love in return of being so behaved, in hopes that it will be more flawless thus giving me the purpose to buy a Clarisonic Mia2 (review here.) And because i can be so obsessed with a specific product before i buy one, i researched on a good cleanser to pair my Mia2 with.
Resulting me to get the Philosophy with it. (That was a long intro. Jeeez!)

So yes, i've been using this cleanser for more or less 6months already. According to Philosophy:

"our award-winning daily facial skin cleanser is formulated to gently cleanse, tone and melt away all face and eye makeup in one simple step, while lightly hydrating the skin."

features & benefits

  • deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up
  • natural oil extracts help condition skin
  • fragrance-free formula

Packaging is very simple & clean, thus making it really classic. With the big label of "purity" on the bottle, i feel already so relax just by looking at it.
I got the 8oz. bottle first, cause i wanted to try the product first if it will work on me. I thought it will last me for 2months or 3months tops, but its been more than half a year and its just half way done. Very good price, $23 for a bottle that will last you for a year. Cause literally you just need a pea-size of this cleanser and it'll cover your whole face and neck. (yes, i wash my neck too, since i apply foundation in it too.)

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Let stay wholesome and focus guys. Haha!
Talking about the formula, it does what it says it does. Cleans and melts away the makeup residue that your makeup remover has left. And leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh. It doesn't quite lather up like other cleansers does, its just feels like its melting in your face, together with all the makeup residues and dirt.
It also has a mild scent. Like the complimentary lotions on 5-star hotels, or was it the shampoo. Whichever, it smells and reminds me of those things. (by the way, i love staying in hotels)

The texture is very much just like face moisturizers, light and slightly creamy

Overall, this cleanser is really nice. Nothing bad to say about it. But there is also nothing extra special about it. 
Yes it does cleans my face the way i expect it to, but i can't help thinking, it will be amazing if this cleanser hydrates my face too. It doesn't dry up my skin, but it doesn't actually hydrates it too. (am i making sense?)
It does clean my skin, but it will be great if it also exfoliates my skin. I love exfoliating my face, that's why i'm a fan of face scrubs. I use my Pond's Clear Solution Anti-Baterial Facial Scrub every morning, the one with the microbeads. It really exfoliates my skin. (and it's so affordable!)
So closing the review, this is a good cleanser to clean your face of dirt and makeup scums. That's it, plain and simple! Don't expect anything else from it. 


-A bottle can go for months
-Deep cleans your face
-Feels really clean and fresh after every wash
-Great to use with a Clarisonic Mia2 (suggestion only)
-Very mild, good for all skin types

-Nothing to hate i just wished it had more in it than just to clean my face.

REPURCHASE: No. After i finish this bottle, i'll be searching for another cleanser that packs more tricks than this one. But i'll never forget you, i promise. Haha.

Have you tried this specific cleanser? Your thoughts? And please do share recos on some brands and products that are worth checking, preferrable those that can work with my Clarisonic Mia2. :)

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