Friday, February 21, 2014

Quick Post: Awesome Singapore!

I know you didn't even know i was out of the country for 3days, but heck i'll still say: "IM BACK!"
Just wanted to do a quick post about our trip.
Let's rest a bit from makeups but not completely from beauty! My blog is all about beauty, and what i'm sharing with y'all will be about the beautiful place called Singapore.
But don't worry, i'll keep this really short!
Based on how i talk, i believe you already figured out it's my first time. Yes it is! And i totally fell in love with SG!

Riding there MRTs are such a different experience than what i normally have here in our Philippine MRTs. They have a lot a of trains, like every 3 minutes there's another one on the same route! So no more crowded and awkward face-to-face moment with a stranger. There is always enough room, even though our luggage is as tall as my 2-year old girl!
No hassle and no more getting lost as there are a lot of maps and signs in every head-turn you make.
And i want to point out how clean and very bright every station we came across with. Such a nice experience.

Oh, the most important thing is that i believe that the majority of SG is connected with trains, so you almost don't need to go out on the roads to go somewhere, they are all just a train away. 

 These are some of the compiled pictures of the attractions and place we went in SG. I have more, but i don't want to drown you with pictures, these are just the ones i believe are the highlights of our trip.

We stayed in Resorts World Festive Hotel in Sentosa Island, it's one of the nicest places to stay since the Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark and most of the famous attractions are just a walk away.

 The truth is our SG trip is so 'bitin', 3days is merely enough for a small but beautiful country like Singapore. As my hubby and father-in-law has Chinese Blood, we are very much familiar with a lot of Chinese dishes, so we immediately felt at home with the food. We found this food court-like resto called "Food Republic" that is tingling with loads of Asian tummy-pleasers! Malaysian to Local to Japanese to Thai! Everything is packed in there! So if ever you'll be in SG, make sure to check it out. We went to the Vivo City Mall Branch, but i believe there are a lot of branches all over Singapore.

What i also noticed is there are a lot of Indians in SG. And i mean a lot, like everywhere! And there are also a lot of Filipinos. Some Thai & Malaysian people mostly looks like us too, so the crowd is not as intimidating than if you are around a lot of white(americans) people.

We missed a lot of good places, like Jurong, and its newest River Safari. Haven't had the chance to stroll in The Gardens By The Bay and we just wasted our ticket to Adventure Cove Waterpark.
So yeah, there's a lot of reason going back.

So if you are hunting for a vacay destination, please keep SG in you choices! There are loads of places to go to. You will never ever regret it! Or else slap me. Harrrr! :D


  1. Planning to go to Singapore too. Soon! Maybe next year or the year after that :) Glad to know that you had a lot of fun with your family! <3

    1. Go there! You will definitely enjoy, and pack lightly! Be sure to check out The Gardens by the Bay! Baka we will come baack din last quarter of the year or early next year. :)

  2. your baby looks so much like you! shes supperrr cute esp with her tutu skirt :3 akala ko at first she was your sister cause i really thought that you were super duper young (pls dont kill me :D )

    1. They all say i look like her but i think she looks more like her dad. :) But we are both Kikay hihi, so that's maybe why everyone thinks we look the same. Hihi,i should hug you instead, that's a big compliment on my part. Not looking old i mean. :) Thanks Shayne!


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