Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Lipstick Tag

And here i was checking blog updates from my favorite bloggers when i finally got the time and wifi access in Changi International Airport SG. I checked out this interesting post from Victoria's blog (Makeup Etcetera). It was really interesting reading lipstick posts cause i just recently fell in love with these lip bullets. And it's always nice to know what lipsticks goes really well with other people.

And just when i was about to call it  a great read, i found my name on the bottom. Good o'l Becs has tagged me. And hello, it's my first tag, so how can i say no to this! So lets go down on it!

How many lipsticks do you own?
I'm assuming this are my all my lip products, so here they are:
11 Lipsticks
10 Lip Pencils
8 Lip Glosses
5 Lip Balms
2 Lip Cremes
1 Lip Tint
1 Lipcote

A total of  38 lip products. Come to think of it, almost 3/4 of these are untouched, some brand new and collecting cob webs in my stash. I really need to rotate them so i can use them all before they expire.

What was the first lipstick that you owned?
This one got me thinking, i don't really remember using lipsticks way back. I always go for lip & cheek tints. So i'm just listing the one i can remember i first bought which was a total flap. NYX Round Lipstick in Haute Melon. Swatched and never touched again. I think redish bright orange lipstick makes my skin look dark and the formula was terrible. Very patchy and too sheer.
What was i thinking when i bought this Neon Orange lipstick? It's more orange-y in person.

What is your favorite lipstik brand?
I must say MAC because of the gazilion variations of colors and finishes but i've been loving YSL's formula recently and planning to add more colors from there line.

What is your most worn lipstick?
No doubt in my mind, since the moment i purchased it i've been using it non-stop. It's my NYX Soft Matte Lipcreme in Milan. To prove it to you, i think i'm about to finish it. Might be the first ever lip product i am able to finish. I love how it's a breeze to apply and it dries not too matte on me, and doesn't dehydrate my already dry lips. Plus the bluish cool pink color really complements my skin color.

What is your favorite lipstick finish?
After experiencing the worse from Matte Finishes (like Zombie-like cracked lips), i go for Satin Finishes. Same good color payoff/pigmentation but doesn't dry my lips. Although staying power is not as good as mattes, i always have my good old Lipcote (review here) to preserve them for longers hours.

What was the last lipstick you bought?
I just did a leap of faith days ago and bought myself the lipstick i've been eyeing for months, and i am very much excited to get my hands on it! Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle 05.

How many lip products do you currently carry in your bag?
I always have 1 lip balm which is my Chapstick in Cherry, Tarte Matte Lipsurgence in Generous & NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar. These are necessary carry-ons for me, a lip balm to revive my dehydrated lips, and 2 lip colors (one light & one darker), both in neutral shades that can match any outfit and occasion.

What is your favorite red lip color?
Honestly speaking, i am very terrified in wearing dark shades, most specially reds. I don't feel it matches my personality and i always see my self as villain (special mention to Ruby, Ang Bidang Kotrabida). But if i must wear red because it's mandatory, i wear my MAC Riri Woo lippie, which i got just because it was a LE.

How do you store your lipsticks?
I just let them lay around sleeping beside each other in the top tray of my vanity. I always find things when they are spread out in front of me so i find it easier when they are like that always. Weird?
I was actually gifted with a 24 slot lipstick acrylic tray, but i find it too space consuming, so i stashed its somewhere.

Which lipsticks are you currently lusting after?
Aside from the Chanel one that i have already bought, i got my eye on these babies, but haven't got enough urge to buy them:
-Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched in Razzle Dazzle Rose & Spice Spice Baby
-Tom Ford Indian Rose

Though the Tom Ford one i'm lining up for my next batch of purchases. ("No! Stop me from hoarding please!" says my sane self)

So that is about it. Everything told about my lipstick secrets, if there are any. If you enjoyed reading this, i am quite sure you will pretty much enjoy answering them too. So go ahead and make one, don't forget to leave a link for me below so i can check it out!

But for my tag, i'm choosing Juvy (Plump Cheeks) cause i know she answers tags! Haha! And i am also tagging Stacey (The Makeup Edition) cause i know she really looooves lipsticks and the likes!
I love you and thank you in advance! :D

And to my ever dearest Becs (Victoria), thank you for my homework, i really enjoyed this Tag thing-y! Hoping to tag you next time first in the future! Hihi!


  1. Hahaha, good job! Can't wait for a tag from you. I like doing these types of posts :) At gusto ko rin ng Chanel and Tom Ford lipsticks, but gaaaah, expensive!! :(

    1. It's really nice doing tag post pala once in a while. Chanel i'm about to test out. The Tom Ford next batch na, hihi! :D

  2. Thanks for the tag, Fred. Hehe. Will do this soon. :)

    1. Looking forward to your post Juvy! :)

  3. hahaha i dont know why but the reject sign you placed on the nyx round lipstick made me laugh so hard :D :D im surprised to see that your most worn lipstick atm is NYX Soft Matte Lipcreme in Milan, hope you can post swatches of this shade. btw sis have you tried urban decay revolution lipsticks? - these and too faced la creme are also on my wishlist :)

    1. I'm glad my reject made you smile, at least it made someone happy. Haha. I will try to make a post about it soon, hopefully before the remains of it dries out. :) Haven't tried the UD Revolution Lipsticks, although i have a mini in my stash. Havent opened it yet though, i think it's Catfight. :) The Too Faced La Creme i have heard of lots of great things about so i'm very curious to try.


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