Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Search for the Perfect Concealer: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles 120 Light Pale

This is a long delayed post. It has been sitting as a draft weeks ago. Just been busy with all the family reunions and out-of-town trip and people having vacay in our house. So yes, i apologize again for my MIA~ness.

Weeks ago, i got 2 concealers recommended by Shayne of The Makeup Edition, both from Maybelline, cause i finally gave up on my Benefit Boi-ing. Let's talk about the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles first. That's a mouthful. And the name itself is promising. This concealer specializes in covering up the dreaded dark circles that makes us look like we have panda eyes. 

My first impression? It was a very unusual concealer in terms of packaging. It's in an acrylic tube with a felt round applicator? You turn the red neck to get the product out.
At first it was really weird to use, but after a few more applications, i kinda like it that way. I just smear the product under my eye, and sort of blend it in with the applicator and then blend it some more with my fingers till i'm satisfied.
I got the Light Pale shade and it's a perfect match for my current skin tone. I don't really have a MAC Foundation yet, but went in a MAC counter one-time to ask a SA and she said i am a NC20~ish. I'm still not sure though since i haven't actually used any NC20 fonda. I really have to get at least one foundation from MAC soon, just for the shade reference. Har! Sorry for the blab.

It applies really matte on the skin but suprisingly it's not at all drying. It's really hard to find matte products that doesn't dry my already dry skin. And this one is good! You need to let it set for a few minutes and top it of with a finishing powder to pro-long the coverage. It doesn't really transfer too as long as you let it set first.
In my experience, it lasted around 5-6hours on me under the scorching hot weather here in Manila, Philippines. Pretty decent if you ask me.

Talking about the coverage, it really does hides your sleepless-nights symptoms. It also brightens the under eye, and makes you look like you had a beauty rest last night. This is a great under eye concealer, but if you are thinking of using it to cover a dark spot or blemish, it might not do the trick. The formula of this concealer i believe is specifically made for the undereye area only. And it works to cover the discoloration you get from staying awake late or all night, you naughty girl. Nothing else.

Overall, i recommend it as an under eye concealer! It's like a 'night sleep' in a tube! Plus it's affordable too, given that it's a Maybelline. Great coverage and nice matte formula. Other people might not like the applicator cause it's not hygienic. But i like it cause it doesn't dispense too much product. You can control how much you want to use. The only downside in this concealer is that you have to carry along another concealer for dark spots and blemishes. Thus making you have two concealers in your purse instead of one. 

So though this is a great concealer, i'm still looking for something that can cover-up both under eye and blemishes. That being said,

The search continues... 

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