Sunday, May 25, 2014

MAC Hoop Lipstick - Another MLBB?

 If you've been visiting my blog for quite sometime now, you know i am always on the lookout for MLBB (my-lips-but-better) shades. So when i was getting some orders from the MAC Cosmetics websites, i saw that they've made some most popular limited-edition shades permanent, the MAC by request 2014.
I immediately checked it out since it was one of the most requested shades, now there might be something in these shades to get all those girls cray-cray right?

I found this nice nude pink shade(or so i thought), MAC Hoop. Which i immediately thought that it'll be a nice MLBB shade. And when i saw that it was a Satin, that was the last push i needed. Been avoiding mattes recently because they are literally withering my lips away!
 At first i thought this was a nude pink, in the tube that is. But when i swatched it in my arm it came out as more of a mid-tone pink. Not nude/brown~ish than i thought. So i figured i should swatch it together with my some of my favorite MLBB lipstick for comparison.

By the way, i Google-ed MAC Hoop and saw some other reviews that they got MAC Hoop in matte? Now i'm a little confused. I checked the MAC website and it's labeled as 'Satin'. Judging by the slight sheen and creaminess, it's definitely a satin.

 Here's some swatches with my MLBB faves. MAC Hoop is definitely the pinkest of them all, right?

Judging by the how the tubes look, yes i'm abusing these guys.
But i am really welcoming the MAC Hoop to my collection, though it turned out not to be my type of MLBB, i love how it gives my lips a subtle pink color. It makes me look made up, but not too much, am i making sense? It's a wearable pink, makes you look like a girl, but not too Barbie-like, like my MAC Viva Glam Nicki.

Plus the Satin finish doesn't dry out my lips. I can wear it all day and won't need to worry of chapped lips. That's the cherry on top.
And by the way, among the four lipsticks, i'm currently loving my Chanel Mademoiselle, and it's been my auto-grab lipstick when going out. 

This shade (MAC Hoop) as of today that i am posting this is currently SOLD-OUT.

EDITED: Added lip swatches, but came out too blurred. :[

So what do you think? Is this an MLBB shade for you?

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