Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Impression: MAC Pro Palette 4x Eyeshadows

And there i was in the MAC website, just browsing. When i came across this option where you can build your own 4pan eyeshadow palette. So i tried it out, just for fun. Searched for popular eyeshadow shades. And picked out my top 4. I wasn't really going to buy it, but the next thing i was doing was naming my palette, and the next thing i was conscious was when i was staring at the confirmation page of my order. Darn! And, i was hypnotized AGAIN!

I so, the damaged is done. I just did what the only logical thing to do. Wait for it ecstatically! Haha!
It came in in a black sleek plastic pouch. Maybe a perk, you can put thin things in here, like your oil sheet blotters, tissue, etc.

I was expecting to get the palette with all the eyeshadow pans already assembled in it, but it came in in pieces. The palette looks really sleek in glossy black, with a clear lid so you can get a peak of the shades in your palette without bothering to open it. It's sturdy, and magnetic, so the eyeshadow pans will securely stick to it and won't fall off. And the half-circle wholes you see is for easy detach of the pans. You can just push it out.

So here are the colors I've gotten. If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you already know i suck at describing colors. All i can say is, they are all neutral shades. Very predictable of me.

The palette I've gotten comes with the eyeshadow pans in refills. And the fun part is, assembling them! :D
The main inspiration for this palette i have assembled is for it to be good for TRAVELING & be NEUTRAL enough to wear in any outfit color either night or day.
I got the Vanilla (Matte) as a base color, and the other 3 can be used in either the lid or crease. I have a few shades that seems to look the same as this eyeshadows in my Lorac Pro Palette & Urban Decay Naked3, but really aren't the same. I'll do a comparison swatch for this soon. :)
So far this is quite an expensive palette, costs me $48 for 4 eyeshadows and a 4-sloted palette. Almost the same price as an Urban Decay Naked Palette ($54) that contains 12pans. And even more expensive than my Lorac Pro Palette ($42) that has 16pans! Not to mention those two mentioned palettes have very decent freebies too. (Lorac Pro Palette: mini eyeshadow palette, UD Naked Palettes Trilogy: either an eyeshadow primer or the lipjunkie). This one just came in with a black plastic pouch. Lame

The only reason you will purchase this kind of palette is if you just want some specific shades, and/or like me, got hypnotized. This palette gives you the freedom of choice. And for some people, who believes in just getting what's necessary, this kind of palette may come appealing to them.

So what do you think about the colors i've gotten? Do you think you'll be getting a custom palette like this soon? :)

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