Saturday, April 5, 2014

Snoe Bedside BesoBalm

My night routine includes moisturising my hideous cracked lips, and when i forget to do so. I will wake up with uber dry and uhhhhg-ly puckers. I tell you, it gets so dry at times that when i smile it cracks and bleeds! (Am i a total weirdo? Or someone else experiences this as well. Please tell me this happened to you too.)

So if you wanna talk about lip balms, ehem, i can say i have much experience on that particular skincare product. Not an expert though, but very well experienced. I've tried a number of lip balms, lip butter, lip savers and lip whatevers!

So if i say, this Snoe Bedside BesoBalm is ahhmazzing! Believe me, it is super! I've tried almost every brand, from the drugstore ones to the high-ends, even the petroleum jellies and homemade ones i tried making. But nothing, and i mean nothing can even come close to this balm.

I got this from my first Glamourbox Subscription (review here). And to tell you the truth this is the only Snoe product inside the box that saved the Snoe Brand from my outrage. I was about to hate the brand since the beauty soap in Liquorice made my skin so dry and itch all over, and the foam sanitizer was so sticky and the body lotion made my hands pink and.. The list goes on! But when i tried the Bedside Besobalm, EUREKA! It saved the day. And i'm happy again.

Has translucent white balm. I believe there is another version of this with tint?
Basically it's just a balm. But for a girl with severe dry lips like mine, it can be life & lips changing. I put it on before bed, and immediately feel my lips getting moisturised and i smell mint? And it's cool, and i think my lips are getting pampered. And the best part is, when i wake up in the morning it's still there! And my lips are oh-so-soft! I can kiss my fiancé beside me with no shame!

Seriously i've been addicted to this balm lately, and i think i can finish it off anytime next month. I use it every time i see it when i go in my room. And of course after taking a shower or after brushing my chompers since toothpaste dries my lips more.

How cute is that warning. Who doesn't want that?
And one more amazing thing, this balm is not sticky at all. And i mean it just sits there, not transferring anywhere or bleeding out of my lips. Even when you drink!
It's the perfect balm!

-Really moisturising 
-Minty scent (which i prefer, rather than the candy-fruity ones)
-Stays overnight as i sleep
-Not sticky
-Does not transfer
-Affordable! Just P149 i believe. 

-Nothing to hate really :)

REPURCHASE? Definitely! After i;m done with this one, i'll drop by a Snoe Store and get one, i'm not sure i can live without this anymore, or atleast as long as i don't find something better than this. :)

What is your current favorite lip balm? 

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