Sunday, December 29, 2013

The best brow pencil I've ever had: Anastasia Beverly Hills (Medium-Ash)

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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hallelujah! Finally found the BEST (so far) Eyebrow Pencil that works great on my brows and takes just a few minutes to apply! Since i started applying eyebrows, around 2 years ago, I've been introduce to a drugstore brow powder brand, so ever since I've been a user of brow powder. Seeing some of my friends going overboard on using a brow pencil, they look liked 'drawn' and very much 'unnatural' for at least my preference. Scary actually. Bought a few more eyebrow powder on different brands like my recent purchase, Sigma Brow Powder Duo in Auburn. It's nice nonetheless, but i feel that applying it takes a LOT of time and effort. For a mom of a cute little girl like me, i need to do my makeup fast, since I prepare lotsa stuffs when we go out. So it will be very very convenient if i can get my eyebrows done in just a matter of minutes, rather than taking 48 years (joke!) making them look good and natural. Plus the need of having a brow brush at all times to apply a powder is another hassle, specially when you are travelling. Not that it's heavy, but you know what i mean. It can be a big help if you can just bring one tool for your brows.