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The best brow pencil I've ever had: Anastasia Beverly Hills (Medium-Ash)

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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hallelujah! Finally found the BEST (so far) Eyebrow Pencil that works great on my brows and takes just a few minutes to apply! Since i started applying eyebrows, around 2 years ago, I've been introduce to a drugstore brow powder brand, so ever since I've been a user of brow powder. Seeing some of my friends going overboard on using a brow pencil, they look liked 'drawn' and very much 'unnatural' for at least my preference. Scary actually. Bought a few more eyebrow powder on different brands like my recent purchase, Sigma Brow Powder Duo in Auburn. It's nice nonetheless, but i feel that applying it takes a LOT of time and effort. For a mom of a cute little girl like me, i need to do my makeup fast, since I prepare lotsa stuffs when we go out. So it will be very very convenient if i can get my eyebrows done in just a matter of minutes, rather than taking 48 years (joke!) making them look good and natural. Plus the need of having a brow brush at all times to apply a powder is another hassle, specially when you are travelling. Not that it's heavy, but you know what i mean. It can be a big help if you can just bring one tool for your brows.

So here I am, again, ignoring all the hype that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is making, from bloggers to vloggers to my own clients! They are all raving about it. But what did i do? I just ignored them for the longest time! I should've bought and tried it months ago! Save me from all the frustration on getting the perfect eyebrow i wanted to achieve!

Finally, one day after another customer ordered the nth Anastasia Brow Wiz, i decided to give into the hype and ordered one for myself. So yeah, here is my verdict, some swatches and actual application and finish product: PERFECT BROWS!

Sorry I already thrown the box/packaging hi-hi!

Shade i got is: Medium Ash

The other end is Brow Brush
This small brow brush actually works better than my Sigma E80 - Brow & Lash Brush, i swear!

This is the actual brow pencil, it's automatic so you don't need a sharpener, pretty good feature since i don't have a sharpener, so i don't need to buy one! And you wont stress out if ever you are travelling and forgot to in your sharpener in your travel pouch.

One swatch

Two swatches.
As you can see, it's very light when swatched so you won't be worrying that you will over-apply.

Actual application, sorry for the poor quality, it was a front camera. I promise i'll do better next time! :D
And please excuse my bare eyes, I just swatched the Brow Wiz for you, didn't plan to put on any eyeshadows. 

Outlined outer part

Filling in my brows

Brushing off excess products


And this is the finished product with full makeup! :)
(Yes, yes, it's my Current Profile Pic!)

It's really worth the HYPE! Though for an Eyebrow Pencil the price is a slightly more expensive. You can order this on my Online Shop: for 1,250php. But hey, we buy quality here. And Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the major brands who caters the most satisfying Eyebrow Products, and this little pen my dears, it there TOP SELLING brow makeup! Still not convince? I've walked that path before, just search Google or Youtube for reviews and be amazed. Haha! :)
I vouch for this products, this sits on top of my vanity kit now and one of my most-used items now. :)

Thank you for taking time to read this review, yes you! Hugs & Kisses for you! :*

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  1. Ok, you might have slightly made up my mind about the brow wiz. I've been contemplating about purchasing it or not. Haha. Kaso after na ng no-makeup buy ko. Will focus on tools and skin care items muna, hehe. Loving that brows though!!! <3

    1. I consider this an actual tool becs! Chos! :D Meron kasi syang very useable brow brush! Thanks for reading!

  2. I love your taste in makeup! This pencil is so nice, though sadly I find it ran out a bit quickly. So great for precision work and setting borders!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog! :)
      Oh, so you finished one already? I've been using this every time i do my makeup, even doing my friends' brows just to show how great this product is, i probably lie-low in using this if it rans out quickly. But will definitely purchase this again! :)

  3. Been looking for this! I'm on a shopping ban pa kasi. I'll be able to buy new stuff after my birthday :D This is on my list na :D hihi :D

    1. Get one! I really recommend this eyebrow pencil! I can no longer think of using anything else. This is the most precise and easy-to-apply brow pencil i've tried. :)


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