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Tarte: The Tarte Of Giving 8-pcs Lipsurgence

It's been actually days that i was contemplating of writing a review on my holiday purchases, including this Tarte: Tarte of Giving 8-pcs. Lipsurgence Holiday Limited Edition.  But the Holiday Laziness got me, and yeah, 1 week just went by! But here i am, trying my best to get out of my couch, since the Holidays are over! (screams: NoooooOOO!)

Let's get on to business, sorry i forgot to get a decent picture of it when it's still neatly tucked in the packaging, and silly me, i threw the plastic tray away, so i can't get them back in the box and take a pic. But, i managed to keep hold of the box.

This was from my personal IG account. Sorry for the low quality. Just to show you guys how it looked when i got it.

 I think this a GREAT addition to anyone's makeup collection, specially for those who love lip products! Since you get 8 shades (4 Glossy & 4 Mattes) in mini size. It's a good way to test out the shades, and if you run out, you know what you want to repurchase. Plus because they are in Travel Size, it's purse friendly. Each one is slightly smaller than a regular MAC lipstick. 
Plus, if ever you don't like a certain shade, you can give it to a BFF or sister, but i wouldn't do that (my precious!) Hahaha!

I got this set for $34 in Sephora, not bad cause you'll be getting 8 Lipsurgence that cost $24 each fullsize. And yes it's Limited Edition and already sold-out in the US. I think i made the right decision in getting these. Hihi.
For the contents breakdown, it's already stated in the box, but incase you cant read it:
Glossy Lip Tints
  • Lovely
  • Believe
  • Grateful
  • Enamored
4 Matte Lip Tints
  • Glee
  • Generous
  • Cheerful
  • Destined
And seriously, im not sure if these colors are limited editions too, cause i can't find them in Sephora or Tarte's website anymore. So maybe, they are. Plus, although they look like pencils they are actually made in plastic, and as the box says, "No need for a sharpener! Get a high dose of color from these twist-up tints." So basically, you just need to twist it up and the dullness goes away! Ready for another swatch! Very convenient specially when you are travelling, since you don't have to bring your sharpener along, or in case your forgot to bring it.

Sorry if i bombarded you with pics, promised i've already trimmed them down, there are more in my iPhoto Library that i didn't put. 
They are just so PRETTTTYYYYYY!!
From the gold caps, and the pretty colored tubes that matched the shade of the lip tints! Great thinking Tarte People, so now you don't have to open each and every tube or check there bottom (or in this case, mid-part of the tubes) to know which shades are which. You can just look at the tubes and know exactly what shade it is. You can even tell on your peripheral vision! (yes, im serious.)

Tarte has this gift of making every packaging wether the box or the product itself to make it so pretty and cute and girly. Look how awesome they made the box! Purple and Gold! So festive and really shouts holiday!

And again, speaking of it's size, it's really tiny, great for quick touch-ups and TRAVELLING! You can even bring 3 to 4 shades in your purse without even feeling the weight. So that's a big factor for those who are always on the go.


Glossy Lip Tints

All are GLOSSY Lip Tint.

The tubes are of gloss finish too! Hihi! :)

With Flash Lighting
L-R: Grateful, Believe, Lovely & Enamored
The swatches of the glossy lip tints are not that pigmented, which is actually expected since it's glossy. It doesn't have a good color pay-off. Although the particular shade Enamored has really good color pay-off and gives a good red color on your lips. But still not too intense. A red that you can pull-off for everyday use.
The TOP picture with Flash Lighting captured how glossy it is. This Glossy Lip Tint can be worn alone for everyday use, but will definitely not go along on a full makeup look, since it lacks pigmentation and a gives just sheer and translucent color to you lips, but that's me. But i think, this can be a good substitute for a lip gloss and will be a good top coat for a lipstick.
Plus these are good for dry lips, since matte finishes can more aggravate dry lips. Like mine. Ughh. Gloss finishes can hydrate lips more.

Matte Lip Tints

L-R: Cheerful, Generous, Destined, Glee

Matte Finish tubes.
With Flash Lighting.

Here are the Matte Lip Tints, as expected, they are very pigmented! Great color pay-off, and lovely colors! Even there tubes are in matte finish too! :)

I love Generous since it's nude. I personally don't wear strong lipsticks, specially red. Since I see myself looking like a villain or a sultry seductress when i wear reds or any dark colors. Haha! Talk about my imagination! 
Generous kinda reminds me of my current favorite lipstick which is MAC Kinda Sexy. So i have been using it lately. :)

This Matte Lip Tints can definitely take the place of your usually lipsticks since it gives great color pay-off. But make sure you put on lip balms before you wear them since they are matte, they can be very drying. These also has better staying power than the Glossy ones. I'e worn Generous for 4 hours before i felt the need to retouch. I haven't had the chance to test run all of them though, but i believe they are almost the same, 4 hours staying power.

Overall i am happy i got it, and it's definitely a good addition to my makeup kit. The variation of the colors are breath of fresh air on my kit, since i am a habitual creature, i always end up getting the same colors and shades all the time, unconsciously. Now i have more options for red lips, if ever i get to that certain level some of the bloggers are talking about. When they one day wake up wanted to try brighter and bolder lip colors (hopefully).

The application is also a breeze, since they are pencil types, you'll get more aim of where you want to put on color, no need to use a lip brush, which for myself, felt no need to use it. Since i have big lips, hahahaha!

I would recommend this, if not this particular set (since it's already sold-out), the Tarte Lipsurgence line for students, office girls for everyday use. But i feel that it still lacks pigment if you really want to achieve a bolder look, specially on night-outs, special occasion like weddings, proms, etc., or on events for fashion, like modelling and photo shoots.

Plus, Tarte are known for Organic, Eco-Friendly & Cruelty-Free products so if you do get some, you will be helping Mother Earth, on your own little way!

Where to buy: (My Beauty Online Shop for Philippine Customers)

That's it for now, and hope you enjoy reading! :)


  1. Ohhh my how cute are they! <3 I actually don't mind having them in mini size since I can't remember I've finished a tube ever since I started using makeup more than a year ago :D It's great coz you can get to try a lot of colors! Great buy! I've followed your shop on IG btw! ^^ I'm planning to buy some when my previous orders from a friend arrived :)

    1. Sure sis! My contact number is on my IG, so if you have further inquiries feel free to message me so i can reply faster. :) And please let me know its you.
      I love this holiday set too! Good for travelling, purse-friendly! :)

  2. I never realized Lipsurgence comes in a matte formula! Cheerful looks so pretty! :)

    1. Yes, they've already made matte finishes, power pigments, lip lusters, skintuitive and the regular lip tints! :)


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