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Clarisonic Mia2 Sephora Sweet15 Limited Edition - First Impression

Clarisonic Mia2 Sephora Sweet15 Edition (Photo from
As promised and because i want to! Hihi! :D I'm doing an unboxing and first impression on my first use of this Uber-Hyped Device!
First of all, let's talk about what is Clarisonic Mia & Mia2 Cleansing System. The  Clarisonic is promoting there Sonic Cleansing System.

Sonic Cleansing Benefits:

  • Removes makeup 6X better than manual cleansing
  • Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
  • Removes impurities that keep creams and serums from working their best
  • Gentle enough to use twice a day
  • Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • Minimizes the appearance of visible pores
Sounds like a good catch for a home beauty tool, wait until you hear how much it is! Eeeek! It's a whooping P7600! (At least that is our PHP Price in As of today, this isn't available in stores or malls in the Philippines. So you can only get them from Legit Online Shops.
And P7600 is definitely a SPLURGE for a skincare tool! Not everyone can afford to just dish P7600! Yes, it's really expensive, but when equal it to there claim. Clean, clear, smooth, invisible pores, no more dry patches and most of all acne/blemishes! Voids of pimple scars, reduces oiliness, makes skin absorb moisturisers and creams and serums, so they can be more effective, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Well then the P7600 is worth it! Imagine all the money you'll be saving from all the facial treatments you can skip because of this cleansing system. I'm sure it's more than P7600!
But, i was not convince by the claims in Clarisonic's website and as well as in Sephora's too. I've overcome my impulse buying! Learned my lesson the hard way after being deceived more than 4x by OL Sellers' claiming to sell "Authentic" Makeups with a ridiculously low price! Now, i do my own research before i buy. I watch Video Blogs by fellow bloggers who are already using them. And i take my time thinking, i have a 2weeks thinking/deciding time. If i still want it after 2 weeks, then i'm getting it! Hahaha! :D
So after watching hundreds of video blogs and reviews, i say WTF! They are all saying the same thing! They loved the Mia2 and recommends it! After 2 weeks, I'm still dreaming of the Mia2, what i didn't know was my soon-to-be hubby is watching me the whole time. So he decided to sponsor me one! Alleluia!!!!! Heaven sent! Not worrying about the price anymore, i JUMP for it! :D
That's a long intro... So here it is, the unboxing photo!
The Clarisonic Mia2 Sephora Sweet 15 Limited Edition! (FRONT)
I told you a did my research! :D I checked everything in Sephora and Clarisonic's Website. Sephora sells the Mia2 for $150 while in Clarisonic's Website they sell it for $149. A $1 difference! :D And also, Clarisonic has more colors and patterns to choose from than the Sephora carries. And Clarisonic offers free engraving when you buy from their site. While Sephora dont.
In this side, it shows what is inside the box. The Sephora Sweet 15 Limited Edition Mia2 is a GOOD DEAL! See it has all the items included on the basic Mia2 PLUS a complimentary TRAVEL BARREL BAG, too pretty to be free!!! <3 And an extra Sensitive Brush Head that cost $25 if you buy it separately.
(TOP VIEW) With the ONLY AT SEPHORA Sweet 15 Logo.
Oh, by the way. It's Sephora's 15 year Anniversary, so Clarisonic made one specially for SEPHORA. So you can only get this Limited Edition Model only at SEPHORA. :)
What it exactly looks when you open the box. (Is this too much? Haha!)
Inside you'll find the TRAVEL BARREL BAG and the MANUALS plus a $25 Voucher to use on Clarisonic's website when you register your Mia2. :) NICE!
A closer look of the Complimentary Travel Bag.
Isn't it too pretty!!!! Hihihi! I actually love this BAG! I even feel proud holding it while walking towards the bathroom inside our house. (Weird.) Cause it doesn't feel and look cheap at all.
This one i have to show you guys, THE ZIPPER IS SHAPED LIKE A MIA! CUTEEEEE!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Everything inside!
All those are neatly tucked inside the travel bag.
Inside the bag.
    • Travel Case
    • Mia2 Cleansing System in Shocking Pink
    • Sampler: Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser
    • pLink Universal Charger
    • Extra Sensitive Brush Head
More about each items below!
Clarisonic Mia2 inside the Travel Case.
This Travel Case is really necessary, it prevents scratching and crushing the Mia2  while inside your bag or luggage. Good Job for the Clarisonic People including this Travel Case. The Mia, which is the first version doesn't have this travel case.
My love. <3 My new besty! <3
The Mia2 System, I'm so inlove with this limited edition color. Im so glad i got this Shocking Pink Version. :D The Mia2 comes with the Sensitive Brush Head, and when you get it, it's already attached to it.
The FREE extra Sensitive Brush Head.
With the FREE Sensitive Brush Head, you're geared up for 6months! Because they advice to replace brush heads every 3months of usage.
The Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser Sample.
The pLink Universal Charger.
This charger is really neat, you can use it all over the world! It has dual voltage. So you can bring it with you when you go to other countries for leisure or business trips. And you wont have to worry if  you ran out of juice! Thumbs up!
It's also magnetic, attaches in a snap.
The Travel Case Bag.
This bag is quite spacious, it fits the Mia2 inside the travel case, the extra brush head, the sampler cleanser, the pLink charger. And with that everything inside, you can still fit another cleanser or small towel in it! I can stash my Philosophy Purity Made Simpler Cleanser in 8oz. inside! :D It's also WATERPROOF!
PLUS: The Travel Bag is THERMAL too! And i really don't know why! Hahahaha!

While holding.
How small the cleanser is. :)
See what i mean, plenty of room left to put other toiletries! :D
One more look of this lovely laced-like bag. Everything is nicely tucked inside. :)
I'm really happy with my buy. Again, i got this EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition Sweet15 Mia2 for $150 when it actually is worth $194. I got $44 savings!
Love the overall feel of the Mia2.
Why did i get the Mia2 instead of getting the cheaper version Mia. Well, i figured if i wasn't really the on paying (because this is sponsored by hubby) i should get the newest model! Plus Mia2 has T-Timer, Travel Case, 2-speeds. All of that lacks in the Mia.
Let's Get In To Business!
I'm sure you all know want to know how was my first experience using the Clarisonic Mia2 right? Don't worry, because I'm so obsessed. I even took down notes on my first use! Here they are!
EXTRAS NOTES: Used Philosophy Purity Made Simple One Step Cleanser with the Mia2 (I'll do a different review about the cleanser!)
I have COMBINATION SKIN - dry patches on my cheeks, oily on my forehead.
Initial Charging is 24hours. (SUCKS!)
You use the Mia2 with the T-Timer Feature, 20sec on Forehead, 20sec Nose & Chin, 10sec each cheek = 1minute or 60sec
Day 1 - MORNING: (IMMEDIATE EFFECTS) - Used 2x because i was 'bitin' on the first
    • smoothness - specially on the usual dry patches on my cheeks
    • instant brightening and glow
    • feels fresher and cleaner compare to using hands
    • blackheads surfaced - my old blackheads resurfaced and looks more visible, ugh.
    • pore feels more open
Day 2 - NIGHT: Used 2x, 1min on my face and 1min on my neck (Cause i figured my neck is part of my face too, right?)
    • notice a zit beside my chin (Purging?)
    • 70% of my old blackheads that never comes off has now DISAPPEARED!!!!! AMAZING!
    • face smoother than 1st use now!
MY VERDICT:So far, I'm loving it! And I'm so looking forward on every use! The hype is true! You can really experience IMMEDIATE and INSTANT EFFECT!
I'm also ready for the purging stage, which looks like started already. PURGING is the adjustment of your skin that happens when you start using Clarisonic Mia2. They say in the purging stage as the Mia2 pulls out all the old dirt that clogged your pores, it can irritate the skin surface that can cause breakouts and more zits. This usually takes 1-2weeks before the breakouts disappears and the skin gets fully clean. But for some it lasts up to 4weeks.
I'm not looking forward for the purging phase but i'm ready for it! :) BRING IT ON!
I'm sticking to my Mia2 and will gather more experience and techniques in my system and then i'll make an UPDATE POST.
Well, honestly, i can't tell yet. Since i just started using it. But so far so good. It's doing wonders to my skin. And definitely it does what it is for: CLEANSING the skin.
So, why not give it a go? Take a leap of faith?
Wait for my UPDATE POST! Hihihi!
Once again, THANK YOU FOR READING MY SO SO LONG POST! And i hope it does what it supposed to do. Help you girls decide! So, till my next post! Love you girls and STAY BEAUTIFUL! Feel free to comment your questions below~!

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