Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (is it really better?)

For starters, i want you all guys to know that i am not a fan of mascaras. I can do without it, and most of the time i don't bother applying them. I've already gave up on my micro-lashes years ago and just let them be.
I really find it to be a drag applying mascaras, it's so hard to not screw up with this messy messy wands of ink. I always, and i mean always either poke my eyes with it or accidentally swipe to much and end up destroying my finished eye makeup.

Ironically, i have a lot of deluxe and travel-sized mascaras in my vanity, and they just keep on coming. Just like my newest addition, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. So i'll do the honors to try them all out, and review them for you guys so they will be put into good use before they rot in my vanity kit.

According to Too Faced:
Take home our Better Than Sex mascara and all your desires for lush, incredibly intense lashes will be fulfilled. One application of our collagen-fueled formula and touch of our specially shaped brush will leave you begging for more. One coat and lashes are full, defined and stretched to unbelievable lengths. Two coats and they’re reaching unbelievable heights of drama. Three coats and you’ll believe in magic.

Lot's of bloggers are raving that this is better than the famous Benefit They're Real Mascara, which i have in my stash too. (come to think of it, i haven't done a review about that yet.)
For a good number of times i've gotten to wear this. I bet i can now relay to you guys what i think i about it.

First of all, i wanted to give thanks to the person who thought of the packaging, i really love the pink metallic tube! I'm such a sucker for cute & pretty packaging. I got the travel-sized one, but i think it's almost identical to the full-sized version, but the full-sized is bigger obvisouly, silly me!

The wand of this mascara is of an hourglass shape. First time i've seen a mascara wand like this one. Quite weird. And its bristles are stiff and too many, therefore picking up too much product than you need.

The formula i must say is very thick and creamy, the pigmentation is superb! Black as the blackest black i've seen! If that makes sense. So i think that's a good thing. For this mascara, they only have it in black, so for brown mascara users, none available. I don't mind it though, i think all mascaras should be just black to volumizes it. (but that's just me)

Here are some swatches i made. Despite the unusual wand, the application is a breeze. Definitely coats each and every lashes.

On the third layer, it clumps up really bad. And sticks my lashes together. (my eye looks really weird.) So i suggest don't over apply. Plus it holds your curl too. So that's another good thing.

About the staying power, unfortunately, it smudges too. Yes, like my Benefit. But it stays in place longer before it smudges. Around 6hrs. Then i see traces of it under my eye. Must be the oiliness of my face after a period of time that causes it to smudge.

Overall, it really thickens and lengthens my bonsai lashes. I think this one is worth the hype. As a mascara, it gets the job done beautifully. It's also easy to take off with a waterproof makeup remover, but kinda messy because of the super pigmentation it has. It goes all over around your eyes.


-Thickens and volumizes
-Holds your curl
-Very, very black
-Doesn't feel heavy on the eyes

-Smudges after around 6hrs
-Clumps terribly after 3 layers
-Messy to remove

REPURCHASE: I'm not an avid mascara user, but if i'll have a change of heart in the future. This mascaras is something i will repurchase. :) So for all mascara lovers out there, do check this out. I believe you'll really like this!

What's your favorite mascara? Care to share in the comments below! :D

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