Thursday, March 6, 2014

NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel

Sorry for being MIA for a few days, my blog-writing noodles are not working recently. And it's still not working fine right now. Oh well..
  Just to keep me occupied and distracted from that thing that i don't want to think about. Here's a quick post about one of my recent purchase.
The NYX Butter Glosses are the talk of the blogging town lately, and i believe these are just newly released. I spotted it on a NYX Boutique that day, but sadly there is only Apple Strudel available, and another one that didn't make an impression on me, in short i can't remember! I was really hunting the for Peaches and Cream, oh well. (again!)

The tube and the doe-foot applicator looks very similar to my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes. I love this kind of applicator, it makes application a breeze! And i control how much product i want to put in my lips. Plus the color of the product matches the color of the tube! Nice, you don't need to check the bottom to tell which is which.
Just like my NYX SMLC, it's very light and easy to carry along.
Apple Strudel is described as Peach shade.

It has a subtle sweet scent, like caramel. Again, i dislike sweet-scented things. But i can tolerate if im in a good mood. The opacity is a little sheer.


It does feel buttery, though a little thicker in consistency. It hugs and clings to your lips. And it's very easy to spread out. It's really glossy too. So matte-fans you can skip this.
What i dislike though, is it accentuates the lines in my lips and clumps up in some of the dry patches, and makes them more noticeable.
It does not transfer which is amazing for a gloss, cause based on my experience, glosses are uncontrollable and migrates everywhere. Well, this one doesn't!
Another big plus is this gloss is really moisturizing.

My final thoughts, i don't think i can wear this alone, as it really looks a little weird and awkward. So i think this might work as a topper for a lipstick.
I'm not a fan of glosses worn alone, and the color i think is not universal to use as top coat for different shades of lipsticks, so i have little regret in my impulse buy.
I'm such an impulsive shopper sometimes (aren't we all?). But overall the quality of the gloss itself is good. 


-Price! P380 if i recall it right. (around $8)
-Doe-foot applicator
-Buttery texture
-Easy to apply
-Spill-proof tube, safe to carry in your purse
-Does not transfer/migrate
-Not too sticky

-Settles on my lip lines
-Clumps on my dry patches
-Highlights lip imperfections, so you need to lip condition first
-Has sweet-scent (pardon my preference)

REPURCHASE? No. Might not even finish this tube. But for all lipgloss lover's out there. I think you will love the texture of this gloss, so go for it! I might still checkout other shades, and i won't forget to lipswatch first next time. 

Did you get your hands on some of these glosses? How did you like 'em? Please do share. :)

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