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Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream in #21

I am really a fan of Korean cosmetics. One, because i think i look like a Korean/Chinese so i assumed that Korean Cosmetics will look great on me (dumb logic eh?). Second, because most of there makeups are cruelty-free and organic, (specially The Face Shop, some of there powders are made with pearls and flower petals, cool!) And the third one, because Korean Cosmetics make the cutest and prettiest packaging for every single item they have.

And one of the ingenious creations of Koreans are their signature BB Creams. In Korean BB means "blemish-balm", but on Western countries it means Beauty Balm.

According to WikiBB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage 

It was first formulated in Germany for after-facial surgery patients. But was introduced in Korean & Japan, it became a hit, and the rest is history.
I'll be sharing my thoughts on one of my beloved BB Creams. The Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++.
This is one of my favorite BB Creams. I like this better than my Missha Perfect Cover. (See my Fake VS. Real Missha Perfect Cover Post here.)
Why? Because it's really dang better! Maybe that also explained why it's more expensive than the Perfect Cover.

This BB Cream blends so well on the skin, it literally melts on your skin when applied. Give it a few minutes to set. And voila! It becomes your second skin, but smoother version. It's a lot more fluid~y than the Missha Perfect Cover. The sales lady in the store told me it's for older women, because it covers up fine lines and wrinkles better.
I never experienced flaking and caking with this baby. And it finish off as dewy, just like the Koreans prefer. Not shiny, but dewy.
It has a mild scent, that disappears after applying. So it wont bother your sensitive nose.
A little really goes a long way with this BB Cream, specially when you apply it with your fingers. Though you can use you normal sponge or your Beautyblender , and you can use your foundation brush as well.
But i feel that it's best to apply with your fingers for a more flawless, streak-less look.
The coverage is light-medium, but build-able to full coverage if you prefer.
It will really cover up almost every acne marks, with a little help of your trusted concealer, and will make your face porcelain-like and oh so flawless!

But ofcourse everything has it's flaws. The only drawback in this BB Cream is that i tend to develop oiliness after 4hours of wearing. I believe i'll experience it sooner than the 4hrs during summer or a typical hot day outside. And after 6-8hours of wearing without retouching, it's completely gone! And i'm left with an oily face. I blame the SPF for it's oiliness. 
So i guess this can be a problem for girls who have oily skin.
Plus this BB Cream transfers, so not good if you are the type of person who always unconsciously touch your face or scratch your nose. 

Though i found a tweak, after applying the BB Cream, let it set for 2-3minutes and seal it with a finishing powder or pressed powder to make it last longer, and control the transferring. 

-Makes your face porcelain-like & flawless
-Little product goes a long way
-Has mild scent
-Very easy to apply, spread-out and blend (even with just your fingers!)
-Dewy-finish (if you prefer, which i do!)
-Coverage is build-able
-Has SPF for outdoor-y activities!

-Does not last long, 4hours and it begins to melt!
-Cannot control oiliness
-Transfer in you fingers, hanky, anything when that touches your face

REPURCHASE? This is my current everyday complexion fix! I love how flawless and healthy it makes my skin. And it looks natural, perfect for the No-Makeup Makeup look i love to sport! So YES! Definitely gonna repurchase this as soon as i'm out!

So if you are on a hunt for nice BB cream and has normal-dry skin, i recommend you to try this out! :)

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