Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gave in to the Orgasm (NARS Blush)

One of the main damages i made from my February 2014 Haul is this NARS Orgasm Powder Blush. I've resisted for quite a long time to buy this blush, just to see myself holding and cradling this in my hand months after.
It's one of those products that are most raved & blogged about in the Beauty Community. Everyone, and i say, EVERYONE has it!
Before i evolved into a makeup hoarder, i was satisfied with my Urban Decay Naked Flushed, it was the best, it was enough, it has everything. But yeah, after i done my research for my next blush purchase, i was converted to a blush hoarding geek!
So the monopolist, loyal, faithful Urban Decay Naked Flushed girl is now nowhere to be seen. I still love my Naked Flushed, don't get me wrong. It's just.. Not.. ENOUGH!

Let's go down to the goods!


It comes in the classic & sleek black packaging. These are the kinds of packaging that will never go out of style even after decades go by.
The actual blush case is made of matte, sturdy plastic with the brand name shouting NARS in your face. The shade label is at the bottom of the case, together with other small dets.
The only downside is this type of matte plastic attracts and collects dust and makeup residue in time.

To tell you the truth, from my first encounter with a NARS Blush months ago, i was really shocked how 'little' it was. It's so small compared with other blushes! Specially when you compare it with my beloved Urban Decay Naked Flushed, and other drugstore brands. If you aren't really familiar with NARS Blushes, you might mistaken it for a 'mini' version.
Inside the case sits the powder blush covered in clear plastic with the NARS logo, and a mirror, that i always find useless, because it's too little for my preference.
I like to keep my blushes with the clear plastic still in it, no use really. I think it's just pretty when you open it up and it looks like it's always new.

The Orgasm shade is the most popular and bestselling shade of all the NARS blushes. Its a peachy-pink with shimmer. My first peachy blush. It packs a lot of shimmer, but very fine shimmer if i may say.


When swatched it's really pretty and definitely glows! It's feels like butter when applied! You be the judge! I am so inlove! :)
I never really expect to like shimmery blushes this much, but i do now! ❤︎
It has this discreet golden glow when applied! Just gorgeous!


Here's some cheek swatches, i used it when i went on an event last Saturday. I think it blends and matches my complexion pretty well. I recommend this shade for girls who have fair-medium complexion. It really gives you that gorgeous healthy glow!

The only thing that didn't please me is that i had to swipe off a number of times on the product before it shows up on my cheeks. It's not as pigmented as my Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hour Blush.
On the brighter side, i didn't feel the need of applying a highlighter on my cheekbones after applying this blush. It already provides a clean looking glow on my cheeks.


-Classic black packaging
-Travel friendly
-No annoying fragrance
-Fine shimmer
-Application is like butter!
-Blendable, you can never over-apply
-No need to use highlighter
-The shade: Orgasm is gorgeous!
-Staying Power: 6-8hours (on my Combi-Skin)

-Price! Expensive ~ $30 for 4.8g/0.16oz.
-Too small, too little product
-Not very pigmented
-Blush case collects dirt & residue

-I think i will finish this product really fast. And yes, YES! I will marry you! I mean, i will definitely repurchase! :)

I know you already have this blush, right? How much love do you have for this blush?!?
You don't have it yet? You are definitely missing out! Get one now!

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  1. Oooooh, I super love this blush! Although it doesn't very long on my oily skin, but I still definitely adore it <3

    1. That reminds me, the MAC Blush lasted longer on me, but this has a decent staying power too. :)

  2. I love Orgasm. It gives you a natural glow. But it's too pink for my complexion. I am very partial to NARS Sin because I feel like it's a muted, fall-ish blush which also gives your skin a nice glow. Definitely recommend :-)

    1. What shade are you in MAC? This is more peachy on me than pink though. I'm NC20-25~ish. I might check out Sin since you recommend it. :)

  3. I don't have NARS Orgasm. This is really sobering. I think you're the first person I've heard who isn't head over heels for it. You do you bbgirl!

    1. Actually, i am kinda impressed but not crazy in love. Maybe because i'm eyeing on another blusher right now, so i don't want to say this is the BEST cause i'm kinda new exploring blushes. Hihi. Playing on the safe side. :D

  4. I actually prefer the Deepthroat blush over Orgasm because I've noticed how the shimmer emphasizes my too-big pores. -Nikki P.

    1. Amma checkout the Deepthroat blush next! m glad the shimmer doesnt bother me much. :)

  5. love nars blushes! but expensive though...♥

    1. It does come with a price, but the formula is superb! :)

  6. hehehe im glad your loving this blush as much as i do :D i pretty much neglected all my other blushes when i bought this! btw yes on the downside of its packaging. mine is not even black anymore, its ashy na lol

    1. I am, i am! :D I'm trying my best not to neglect my other blush, hihi. :D And i'm keeping it in its original packaging/box so it wont get too dirty. :D


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