Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Color 05 Mademoiselle

Since i've tried the YSL Rouge Volupte line, which came in the same price range as this Chanel one. I was really impressed with how nice high-end lipsticks perform. I fell inlove with my YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant in #9 Caress pink, review is here. I am considering getting some more with different shades. But i thought i should try another brand before i purchase the same product on another shade.

So here's my first Chanel lippie, in the Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Color line. I love neutral lipstick shades so i decided to get the most famous shade that was made by Coco Chanel himself (accdg. to an article a read)! The No.5 Mademoiselle!

The first time i saw and held a box of chanel packaging i was like: 'So this is it? This is already ~insert-ridiculous-amount-for-a-lipstick-here~?'
I wasn't really impress with the packaging, maybe because i'm comparing it too much to the YSL's gold and exquisite boxes. But when you look into it more, it's another one of those packaging that doesn't go out of style no matter how many decades past. A glossy black box with gold linings, and neat white lettering is just classic.

The tube is a black plastic, with a gold body that looks like its the one holding the product. A signature Chanel logo on top of the cap.
Turning back to the product itself.
It's one of the MLBB shades (my-lips-but-better), and i love MLBBs! 95% of the time i wear nude lipsticks, 4% is when i wear pink, and 1% on occasions i need to wear reds. I rarely transform to my adventurous self when it comes to lip products. So i vowed to myself that i will hunt down the best MLBB lipstick out there!

The color is described as medium pink with a brown edge, according to Temptalia. It doesn't appear to me as shimmery, but not matte too. It has soft sheen. I would say semi-matte finish? Like the NYX SMLC.
It's easy to apply, very creamy and almost fluid~y, but not as fluid~y as the YSLs. I love this specific shade. It enhances but doesn't attract too much attention on your lips.
My advice when wearing nude lipsticks, up one notch higher on your eye makeup. So the focus will be on the eyes. (But i guess you already know that. Hehe.)

Mademoiselle is pigmented enough to cover my built-in lip outlines. It is opaque in just a one swipe. But it feels very light when worn, not sticky at all. It's suppose to hydrate my lips, but i don't think it adds moisture at all. Although it doesn't dry my lips. It just sits there.
For the staying power, because it doesn't settle as much as i wanted to on my lips, it last around 3-4hours max with all the mouth actions (eating, drinking, talking?).  Sucks that it doesn't stay long and you have to retouch every now and then. But maybe a lipcote can help it stay longer, i'll try soon.
So if you hate re-applying your lipstick, this lippie might just be a drag. I can though, tolerate this just because i love the shade so much!
It also transfer everywhere! Like when you drink, it'll migrate to the glass, etc. But it doesn't bleed.

-Love, love, love this specific shade!
-Not patchy, streaky
-Semi-matte finish
-Classic packaging
-Doesn't hydrate like it should, but doesn't really suck moisture

-Price! (need i say more? expensive!)
-Doesn't stay long: 3-4hours
-Transfer all over the place

REPURCHASE: Yes, call me crazy. But as of now. I so love the shade, despite the cons about the staying power and price, i will definitely repurchase this tube!

What was your first Chanel Lipstick? How was it?

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