Thursday, April 17, 2014

BDJ Box April 2014 - PIXY (truly asian brand)

Sorry for abandoning my blog for more than a week. Been really busy.. and lazy. But i'm back!

After finally mustering enough drive to write again. I'll start off with my first BDJ Box Sub ever i received a few days ago. Can't even remember the exact date i got this, still too lazy to think..
And to my luck! It's a themed box! Is that what they call it? It's a PIXY exclusive box! My eyes where literally twinkling when i opened it up and saw all the pretty pink goodies inside. So many things! (I think i'm really loving this subscription box thing~y. Not good.)

Love the stickers by the way. I got 5 encouraging stickers with the label "Don't Let Anyone Dull Your SPARKLE" Pretty neat. When i was in high school, i would stick these kind of stickers on my vanity mirror so i can see it everyday when i wake up and get ready to conquer the world.

PIXY truly asian beauty brand is an Indonesian-based cosmetics line is formulated using the best Japanese Technology and ingredients, ensuring that it understands your truly Asian beauty.
 I think this is a local drugstore brand in Indonesia.

First impressions on the lippies. They are actually cute. I love the different shades of pink that matches the box with the tubes. But what i don't get is that it doesn't match the actual lipsticks' shades.
The bullets are a little light, and really feels cheap plastic. But on the other hand, it'll be nice to carry around on a purse because of the lightweight~ness. (fuck grammar)

Regarding the swatches: UP: One Swipe | BOTTOM: did more than 3 swatches to show the true color

Silky Fit Lipstick Satin in 216 Pinkish Peach - this one doesn't really show much color. I think it's more of a tinted gloss or balm? Too bad, the shade is really pretty. But you can make the color show by layering it.
Silky Fit Semi-Matte Lipstick in 110 Cinnamon Twist - this is slightly better on color payoff than the later but still not superb in my book. It comes in quite patchy when applied. And i don't get why it's shade name is 'cinnamon twist'. It's a deep red in my opinion. 
Silky Fit Lasting Matte Lipstick in LM105 in Rouge Tango - this is the best of the three when it comes to color payoff. It's almost opaque in just one swipe. It's a bright red and kind-off reminds me of MAC Ruby Woo, but might just be a notch brighter. But this doesn't finish matte, at all! Not even close. Maybe semi-matte?

Colors of Delight Eyeliner Pencil in Black - really feels the same as the local brands which i will hide in the name of 'Careline' & 'Ever Bilena'. Don't get me wrong, there an 'ok' brand. I've tried a lot of there items when i was in college, and it's mostly a miss for me. Getting back to the Pixy Eyeliner, it smudges terribly and more of a greyish black. If you like to smudge your liner, you just might like this.

Waterproof Volumizing Mascara in Black - you can never go wrong with the black and metallic pink packaging, i honestly like it. Regular wand, i tried swatching it and it goes off like a gel and, when i was about to wash it off my hand, you need to exert effort in rubbing it so it'll be cleaned off. And it leaves a slight stain. That is a good thing i guess, it's really waterproof. I might just test this out. No, i think i will.

Blush-on in Brown Tea 02 - this came out as a surprise for me. I was holding this in my palm and telling myself: "This is way too dark to for a blush." But lo and behold, never judge a blush by the way it looks in the pan. I swatched it, (but forgot to take a pic, sarreeee!) and it's a pretty peachy~neutral color. It's really pretty, except for some chunky glitters it's packed with. Those can really highlight some pores. The color payoff is not too good too. Not very pigmented, but again, you can swipe in more product if you want the color to be a lot stronger.
The little brush it comes with is a joke. I'm not sure how you can apply a blush with an insy-winsy brush. Tried to use it, but it doesn't even pick up the product properly.

Ultimate Makeup Cake Lasting Beauty Finish Up To 8 Hours in Natural Buff - i am really not a fan of powders and two-cake things cause i normally have dry-normal skin. But will still give this one a try, the 8-hours staying power is quite tempting. What i like about this though is the big mirror. You can almost see your whole face in it, good for retouching on the go!

UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit Compact in Tropical Beige - this one is way too dark for my skintone, sad, cause i really like the white case packaging of this one, looks really neat and clean. Plus it also has the big mirror. This compact will be going straight to the purse of my sister who is more of a morena-skin girl.

UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Matte Refill in Honey Beige - this is the only one that came in a refill. It seems still a tad darker on my skin, but i tried applying in my jawline and i think i can make it work. It promises a matte finish, so i will try wearing this. The refill case is pretty neat too, it can pass up as a travel-sized compact.

Here's the complete list of the items inside the BDJ Box April 2014 and prices.
Overall, i am quite pleased with the box. It came in as a complete kit, from the base, to cheeks, lips & eyes, almost everything packed in. The only missing is some eyeshadows. For P599, you get P2545 worth of Pixy items. Way more than what i paid for. Plus i get to try a new brand. I might just subscribe again. Kudos to BDJ Team, you did a good job on this months box! 

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