Friday, October 3, 2014

Quick Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow - No Pressure

(I'm back, i'm back. Sort of. LOL, been very busy with God knows what. And still trying to squeeze in blogging since this is one of the things i enjoy doing. So decided to "keep calm & blog on." Im keepin' it short and direct to the point as possible. So here goes..)

I got this sample/travel sized item from a haul months ago. I didn't really care about it and just tucked it inside the inner depts of my makeup kit. Wrong move!
Weeks ago i finally decide to give it a try, and good grief! Its amazing!
And now, i can't stop using it.

The Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow lives up to its name. It does. not. crease. ever!
The formula is soooo amazing! I use my fingers to apply it on to my lids, it feels so creamy and velvety and so easy to blend in!
But mind you, when it dries and set it will not budge. And i tell you one more time. CREASELESS! 
I have tried wearing it for 8hrs straight, and at the end of the day, it's still there with minimal fading. I must say this is an amazing product, considering my lids can go oily after a few hours.

Plus the shade i got (Shade: No Pressure), is a nice neutral color. Benefit Cosmetics describes it as "rich fawn".
I think this can work well as a base color if you are going for the neutral eye look or even a brown smokey eye look. Though it is also wearable alone. I often use this when i'm in a hurry or just lazy doing my eyes. 
It has loads of fine fine shimmers, that i think is so pretty, cause it sort off give dimension to the eye, when worn alone.

Thus, ending this review. This product is something i will be proud to recommend to you guys to try out. And also make me wanna buy more shades, they have 10 effin' pretty shades available. (I'm eyeing Bikini-tini, Birthday Suit, Bronze Have More Fun. Let me know if you've tried one.) 

So if you love cream eyeshadows and you haven't tried this one yet. Get your purse and go shopping for this right now. And i'm sure you'll drop to your knees beside me and chant praise for this little Queen Creaseless. LOL!

Love lots!

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