Monday, June 30, 2014

Urban Decay Ink For Eyes - Waterproof Precision Eye Pen

 Hey hey hey! I'm back! Sort-off. Still caught up with too much happenings in my life. But i've been dying to blog about this new eyeliner pen i got weeks ago!
It's the Urban Decay Ink For Eyes - Waterproof Precision Eye Pen. It's part of the Perversion Line they recently released. And this caught my eye, cause ever since, i was a pen liner person. It's just more convenient in terms of cramming to get ready and traveling. No need to bring a brush with you, just the pen.

This is my current HG (holy grail!) eyeliner!
I find myself reaching for this (since i got it) a lot more than my MAC Fluidline Eyeliner in Blacktrack. For a little description from the makers of this wicked eyeliner, here's what's encrypted in the box:
"Create enyv-enducing, blacker-than-black cat eyes with shocking ease. Ultra waterproof and crazy precise, our fine-tipped pen creates glossy, sharply defined lines that last all day." 

And when they say precise, they are not bluffing at all. This liner draws super precise lines! In super little effort! It also doesn't over produce the liquid ink in the felt tip like other liners tend to do, if the tip is over-filled with ink, the excess ink crawls over to the fine lines on my eyes and makes the straight line look a little frizzy a far.
The black ink on this liner is very much as black as a Japanese person's hair is. I mean it's really black. Like black black. If that makes sense.

Here's a no effort line i drew, i just swirled it a little and voila!
Though it dries a little glossy, which is the only thing i dislike about this liner. Maybe it'll be a lot better if it dries out as matte so it would look more natural. And a glossy finish reflects light, so sometimes when you take pictures there are parts of your eyeliner that has gaps because it reflected the light from the sun or flash.
On the waterproof claim, it is waterproof. Even if you get soaked under the rain. It won't come off. Or when you've watched a super tear-jerking movie (like: Miracle in Cell No.7, have you seen it?) it will stay on. Just don't go swimming with it though, it's not 'that' waterproof.

Looking at the packaging, it's a simple black pen. Nothing special, just straight to the point eye "pen". The length and fatness of the liner is just right, not too long, not too big. Very easy to grip/hold.

Here's an actual picture of my eye with the UD Ink For Eyes. It took me like less than a minute to make my preferred cat eye. That is hella fast in my records. And see the gap/light-reflected-part on my upper eyelids? That was that i was telling you about glossy eyeliners. 
I hope they make a matte version of this and more colors please! As of today, they only have one shade: Black.

Looking for a precise and easy to use liner? Try this out! Definitely recommending to all of you!

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